DIY garden decorations: 20 original ideas and 110 photos


Dachas have long been perceived only as a place for growing vegetables and fruits. Increasingly, this is a space for relaxation, enjoying the beauty of nature, where the territory of a small garden is organically entered. Many arrange real gardens on their plots. And this does not always require a large area. But fantasy, a creative approach and a desire to create are a must. Then even on a few acres you can create a masterpiece. We show original ideas for decorating a garden with our own hands and successful ready-made solutions in this article.

We decorate the garden and the cottage with our own hands from improvised materials

Flower beds and beds
— Mixborder
— dry stream
– Mulching
— Granite chips
— As a border and hedge
— Decorative garden
– Mobile flower beds
— climbing plants
Fence decoration
Architectural structures and furniture
Summer kitchen and recreation area
Interesting crafts
— From concrete
— Retro doors
— Bike-bed
— Carts and wheelbarrows
— Details of mechanisms
— Tires
— Birdhouses

Flower beds and beds as part of the decor

Of course, the main decoration of any garden is flowers. But the same plants in different compositions will look different. So, here are some interesting options for decorating flower beds.


VK @lisa_i_sad

How to decorate a garden or summer cottage with your own hands, if there is no desire to make anything? Assemble the mixborder. This is one of the most fashionable solutions in landscape design. Mixed multi-tiered flower garden. To assemble a mixborder, you need to pick up plants of different types, different heights, with different flowering periods and combine them in one flower bed.

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    Mixborders in the garden: the secrets of harmonious compositions, ready-made schemes and 71 photos

dry stream

Unusual, dynamic composition of stones and flowers.

Social networks of landscape designer Yulia Matveychuk

Small pebbles are laid out by hand in the form of a river or stream. Low plants are planted on the sides, they symbolize the coast.


Another way to decorate a flower bed, which is becoming more and more popular.

VK @rybakova_home

Mulching — filling the flower garden with tree bark. It covers the ground in a thick layer. It is not only beautiful, but also useful. Mulch prevents the spread of weeds and soil erosion.

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    7 Reasons to Mulch Your Garden (If You’re Still Not Doing It)

Backfilling with granite or marble chips

This method is similar to the previous one. Only small pebbles are used instead of bark.

VK @rybakova_home

Against the background of light gray granite chips, dark green and flowering plants look very contrasting.

Borders and hedges

Creeping, like a carpet, ground cover flowers or taller plants decorated in a small border are the best and most natural decoration for paths.

VK @forumsad

Hedges of tall plants can be used for zoning, creating secluded recreational areas.

decorative vegetable garden

Not only flower beds, but also beds can look impressive and picturesque. For example, if you assemble wooden or metal tall structures, you get a stylish and modern solution.

VK @yana_vanilla

Multi-tiered and beds of complex geometric shapes look interesting. You can make these yourself. Blogger Yana Novikova shared her experience on her VKontakte page. From the materials used boards, sawdust, cardboard, on top — fertile soil. The paths are covered with marble chips.

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    Beautiful and useful: 10 vegetables that you can plant to decorate the garden

Potted or container garden

How nice it would be to change the design of the garden whenever you want, according to your mood and without much effort. This is possible with container gardens. They can be transferred and rearranged at least every day, make new compositions. And original planters or boxes can be made with your own hands.

VK @marishkinadacha

How — blogger Marina Shchelkova told on her VKontakte page. She used boards to make boxes. The frames are assembled using hidden fasteners. At the corners from the inside — reinforced with bars. Also inside there are special crossbars for installing flower pots.

climbing plants

Curly flowers look lush and colorful on the wall of the house, above the front door or windows, on the roof of the gazebo or terrace.


They can also become an independent decorative composition. For example, if you install an arch for them or decorate them with a screen. Suitable girlish grapes, sweet peas, ivy, climbing roses, wisteria, clematis and others.

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    7 most beautiful climbing flowers for the garden

We make out the fence

A fence can not only provide peace, security and privacy, but also be an element of decor. Especially if it is a small, translucent, decorative fence.


A wooden picket fence, a wicker fence, a fence assembled from raw wood, plank fences of various shapes and designs, gabions filled with stones — all of them will become an ornament in themselves.

If you have a deaf metal or wooden fence, you can additionally decorate it. For example, hang flower pots. Or let a climbing plant. Hanging beds look interesting and unusual. Such wooden boxes can be fixed on the fence.

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    7 Really Cool Fence Ideas (You Can Do It!)

Architectural structures and garden furniture

Author’s unusual wooden architectural structures and furniture may well serve as decor. And for this it is not at all necessary to order them from professional craftsmen. Some can be assembled by yourself. For example, an arch made of boards and bars.

VK, Julia Syroegina @id64476455

Or decorative fences for zoning. As blogger Yulia Syroegina did. A photo of the result can be seen on her VKontakte page and in the gallery below.

Any garden will also be decorated with a swing. You can make them, for example, from wooden pallets. This material is also suitable for making outdoor sofas and tables. The technology for assembling a small sofa is quite simple. Pallets need to be cleaned, sanded, treated with impregnation for wood. The seat is assembled from 2-3 pallets stacked on top of each other and fastened with self-tapping screws. Whole pallets are wide enough, so for a seat they are usually sawn lengthwise into 2 parts. The back is also made from a pallet: whole or half. Attached from the back of the seat or from above, end-to-end.

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    Beautiful and simple: how to make a wooden garden arch with your own hands


There are many ways to decorate garden paths with your own hands quickly and fairly inexpensively. For example, fill them with rubble. To do this, it is necessary to remove a layer of fertile soil, lay geotextiles, mount ready-made plastic borders around the edges, fill it with sand, then crushed stone. Blogger Irina Kurapova shared this technology.

VK @irinka_kurapova1

Another effective solution is step-by-step paths. That is, paths that are lined with separate stones or slabs. Between them leave gaps where the grass grows. As a result, the plates are as if recessed into the lawn.

You can also make paths in the form of flooring from wooden boards.

  • How to make a path from wood cuts with your own hands


    How to make a path from wood cuts with your own hands


A pond or lake on the site is the dream of many gardeners. It may just be decorative. And maybe even replace the pool.

Social networks of blogger Evgenia Rybakova

Blogger Evgenia Rybakova chose the second option. In her garden there is a fairly large artificial pond. On her page, Evgenia told how the lake was created and how to take care of it. So, first they dug a pit with the help of a tractor. At its bottom they made a pillow of sand. Next, textiles and an EPDM membrane are laid. The banks are gravel.

If you are not going to swim in the pond, you can simply arrange a cozy and picturesque recreation area near the water: arrange the banks with compositions of stones of different sizes, natural shapes. Plant aquatic plants: water lilies, marsh irises, reeds, rogulnik. On the shore — cereals and herbs, hostas, daylilies, arrowhead and others.

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Summer kitchen and recreation area

An outdoor summer kitchen can look very cozy and decorative.


A small cooking area can be assembled from mobile or stationary wooden tables, shelving, hanging shelves, and an ordinary outdoor washbasin. Pick up beautiful utensils and textiles. Add a couple of interesting details. You can place such a kitchen simply on the site, and in the gazebo or patio.

A tastefully designed recreation area will also decorate the local area. For example, on the veranda. To do this, you can use textiles — curtains, tablecloths, napkins, blankets and rugs, pillows. Lighting — floor or hanging lights, garlands. And, of course, flowers.

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    Summer kitchen: arrangement, design, finished projects and 70 photos

DIY garden decor: unusual ideas

Concrete decor

Cement, sand, water, rope and nylon tights — that’s all it took for blogger Irina Kurapova to decorate her garden with unusual figures: concrete pumpkins.

VK @irinka_kurapova1

She filmed the process and shared the technology with subscribers on her VKontakte page. I mixed cement and sand in a ratio of 1: 3, added water, and formed the shape of pumpkins with the help of tights and rope.

Other interesting crafts are also made from concrete. For example, blogger Miliana in her Telegram channel shares the process of making miniature houses, vases, round balls of different sizes.

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    Do-it-yourself concrete flowerpots for summer cottages and gardens: 4 ways to create and 51 photos

retro doors

The older the better. It’s about wooden doors and garden decor. Scuffs, peeling paint, traces of fasteners, cracks and bumps — all this only adds character to such an object, tells its story. And history is always interesting.


What can be done from old doors in the garden?

  • The screen is to hide behind them what you do not want to constantly see.
  • Use for zoning. For example, place it right on the path and emphasize the transition from one part of the garden to another.
  • An art object without much functionality. Decorate the door with flowers, hang a lantern on it or make an inscription.

Flowerbed bike

An old two-wheeled friend who rolled his own will still serve. From it you can make a decoration for the garden with your own hands.

VK @lisa_i_sad

For example, paint in a neutral white color or any other. If you want to add brightness — choose yellow or fuchsia. On the trunk, at the steering wheel or directly in the wheels, place flower pots. And a new piece of decor is ready. This will definitely not go unnoticed.

Carts and wheelbarrows

It seems to be just standing there, but you won’t pass by. This is about old carts, wheelbarrows, wagons and other mobile structures.


They can serve as a place for a flower bed, as well as an independent element of decor. Especially if the design is designed in a rustic style: country, rustic, Provence.

Mechanism details

Why an axle with two big, heavy metal wheels in a garden? Of course, for beauty.


And why not make a flower bed from an old galvanized basin and a base from a foot sewing machine?


It is not necessary to make swans out of tires. You can come up with more unexpected options and surprise guests.


For example, a huge bowl or an abstract composition. The surface of the tires covered with metallic paint looks interesting.

bird houses

Not just birdhouses, but houses.


With a roof, a door and tiny windows. Several of these wooden huts of different colors can decorate a tree. And you can use one.

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Country house



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