How to choose a grass trimmer MOYO


The number of models presented on the market today impresses with its diversity, which, at first glance, is rather difficult to understand, but, in fact, it is quite possible.

Types of trimmers

The first thing you have to decide when thinking about how to choose a grass trimmer is its appearance. Modern trimmers can be:

  • electric;
  • gasoline;
  • rechargeable.

The models powered by electricity can boast of the lowest cost and light weight. They do not require additional fuel costs and regular recharging and are a great option for a small adjoining space. The disadvantages of such devices include their not too high power and territorial limitations, which is determined by the length of the cord.

2. Petrol
The best option for processing large areas is a gas trimmer. With impressive power, these units can operate efficiently in all weathers, but they require frequent refueling and regular maintenance. The negative point is also the exhaust gases that the equipment emits during operation.

3. Rechargeable
Battery models attract with their autonomy and mobility. Yielding to the power capabilities of gasoline models, they are nevertheless quite suitable for medium-sized areas.

Main technical characteristics and functionality of trimmers

The cutting system of the trimmer can be represented by fishing line or knives. Models with fishing line are recommended to choose in cases where you are going to work mainly with grass. For bushes and trees, a unit with knives should be preferred.

The ease of use of the device largely depends on the shape of the handle. So, a D-shaped handle is best suited for processing a path or hedge. Fighting wild bushes and thickets is easiest with the J-handle, and the T-shaped handle will allow you to not feel tired for a long time when mowing even the largest lawn. Regardless of the shape of the handle, its rod should be telescopic — this will make the device as comfortable as possible for any user.

When choosing a unit, special attention should also be paid to the following characteristics:

  • mowing width («gold standard» 30-35 cm);
  • type of drive (a shaft with a gearbox is considered a more reliable option than a cable);
  • functional.

For gasoline models, the capacity of the tank and the number of engine cycles are important — preference should be given to a large tank and a 4-stroke engine. Among electric trimmers, bottom-mounted units are more compact and balanced, while overall models in which the motor is located on top show more power. If your choice fell on a battery device, then you should take a model with a charge that will last you more than an hour.

To a large extent, the functionality of the trimmer also depends on the number of complete attachments, with which the lawn mower can replace garden shears, a scythe, a bevel cutter, a cultivator and even a snow blower. The presence in the model of the function of blocking the engine from overheating will protect the device from premature failure, and the turning of the cutting system and the wheels will make work operations especially convenient and not too tiring.


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