How to choose a petrol trimmer MOYO


A huge range of petrol lawn mowers on the market today makes the task of choosing a tool quite difficult. Below are some explanations and recommendations that will help you understand the nuances and purchase a unit that will not disappoint you and cope with all its goals.

Key parameters of a gasoline trimmer

  • When deciding how to choose a gas trimmer, you need to keep in mind that the following parameters will help you evaluate the suitability of a particular tool:
  • engine power;
  • tank capacity;
  • type of cutting mechanism;
  • handle shape;
  • cutting width.

1. Power
Engine power is directly related to fuel consumption. Among modern models, units with a lightweight engine, simple and reinforced are presented. At the same time, models with a two-stroke engine are significantly cheaper than their four-stroke counterparts. However, it is much more convenient to operate a four-stroke engine.

2. Tank capacity
The amount of time you can mow without refueling depends on the volume of the tank. It should be borne in mind that the higher the capacity of the tank, the heavier the lawnmower.

3. Type of cutting mechanism
Nylon fishing line or metal knife blades can be used as a cutting mechanism. Being a simpler and safer solution, the line, however, is characterized by a shorter service life (requires regular replacement) and is not very effective at cutting wild thickets and tree branches.

4. Handle type
The trimmer handle can be made in the form of a ring or in the form of a bicycle handlebar. The ring-shaped handle is typical for budget models. In such devices, the function buttons are located on the bar, which makes them not very convenient to use. In turn, in professional samples, the control panel is literally at hand.

5. Cutting width
As for the cutting width, you should strive for the maximum of this parameter, since it determines the performance of operations.

Types of gasoline trimmer and their scope

All modern gasoline trimmers can be divided into several main types:

  • household;
  • professional;
  • universal.

For periodic mowing of grass in the garden, an inexpensive low-power lawn mower with a two-stroke engine is quite suitable. These models are usually characterized by compactness and light weight. They are quite maneuverable and comfortable, but only for short operations. Without stopping, the unit can be used for no more than half an hour, after which the device needs at least a 10-minute «rest». In addition, the significant disadvantages of household samples include increased noise, a weak working mechanism and the absence of a vibration system.

Professional devices are deprived of these shortcomings, equipped with a reinforced motor, additional protection of the working part and a screw knife instead of fishing line, which allows them to cut not only grass, but also thick weeds and shrub branches without any problems. At the same time, such a unit is distinguished by a high level of fuel consumption, an impressive cost and a rather expensive repair.

A practical intermediate solution in terms of price and quality are universal models. As a rule, they are chosen for domestic purposes — for fast and efficient processing of large areas.

A separate row among gasoline trimmers are lawn mowers designed to perform the most difficult tasks and capable of cutting even thick bushes and young trees.


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