How to choose an electric saw? MOYO


We will help you figure out how to choose a power saw for various types of work, and also tell you what technical characteristics you need to pay special attention to when buying this equipment.

Electric jigsaw

The electric jigsaw is a compact power tool for cutting sheet material. With it, you can carry out a straight, oblique and figured cut. The main characteristics of choosing a jigsaw are:

  • power;
  • stroke frequency;
  • cutting depth;
  • choice of cutting angle;
  • knife material.

For domestic purposes, a small power device with a minimum set of functions is suitable. Professionals should pay attention to powerful models with additional useful features. Use the right consumable and modes to work effectively with different weights of media.

Circular Saw

Circular saws provide the most even cut with high precision. They are suitable for cutting different materials, sawing grooves and taking out a quarter. To choose a circular saw, you need to clarify the following characteristics of the device:

  • power — corresponds to the expected loads on the equipment;
  • saw blade diameter — provides the required cutting depth;
  • rotation speed — allows you to work effectively with materials of various hardness;
  • tooth shape and frequency — varies depending on the type of material, finishing or roughing;
  • base plate material — aluminum is more expensive than steel;
  • the possibility of fixing in the frame;
  • accidental activation blocking system;
  • overload protection;
  • brush wear indicator.

reciprocating saw

Reciprocating electric saws are used to work with metal, wood and plastic. Technique of this type allows cutting in hard-to-reach places, provides a snug fit of the blade to the object. At the same time, the saw blade performs not only reciprocating, but also oscillatory movements in a small range. Widely used by roofers and carpenters, suitable for locksmith work.

To choose a reciprocating electric saw, it is worth considering the following characteristics of the device:

  • power of work, which determines the possibility of long-term use of the saw and the hardness of the materials being processed;
  • frequency and stroke controller depending on the load;
  • a method of attaching a knife for quick replacement of the desired blades;
  • length of the cutting cloth for work in various conditions;
  • adjustment of speed and depth of a cut for achievement of the maximum efficiency of use of the device.

Chain Saw

Powerful chainsaw suitable for household and professional work on sawing large volumes of materials. It is used for harvesting firewood and sawing wood, gardening and work in a carpentry workshop, construction site and repair shop.

When deciding how to choose a chain saw, specify the following equipment parameters:

  • power — determines the volume and speed of work performed, affects the dimensions and weight of the device;
  • the location of the engine on the frame — the longitudinal ones are perfectly balanced, and the transverse ones are small in size and comfortable in operation;
  • chain thickness — affects the quality of the resulting cut;
  • tire length — provides the convenience of a saw of a certain power and design;
  • the presence of automatic lubrication — extends the life of the device;
  • Anti-kickback safety brake — ensures safety.

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