How to choose and use cordless garden shears?


Garden shears will cope with the work on the site where the trimmer and lawn mower are powerless (next to flower beds, near fences). An excellent option is battery scissors that do not require electrical power, are light and easy to use. Consider the criteria for their selection and technical parameters.

Advantages over other country equipment

In order for the personal plot to have a presentable appearance, it is necessary to take care of it regularly: water it, form bushes and plant them. Many summer residents use a garden pruner or a power cutter, but each of these tools has its drawbacks:

  • A garden pruner without special gloves can injure the skin of the hands, resulting in blisters and painful cuts.
  • A power cutter has a considerable cost and is quite large, so it may not be suitable for areas of a certain size.

cordless scissors

Advantages of cordless scissors:

  • The simplest principle of operation and ease of use. Inventory of such a plan is available to anyone to use: sharp blades rotate, eliminating unnecessary elements on the lawn. It is comfortable to hold, and the risk of mechanical injury is minimized if generally accepted safety precautions are followed.
  • Lack of liquid fuel. Gardeners will not inhale the carcinogens released by liquid fuels when burned in an engine. The device is equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which cause minimal harm to humans and the environment if properly disposed of.
  • No need for electricity charging. This device is equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which means that there is no need to charge it through a wire. Therefore, you can work with it at any distance from the power supply network and in any area.

Battery for scissors

Technical specifications

Garden shears are intended for cutting grass, roots and removing weeds on the site. The principle of operation of the device is simple: the main working area of ​​the scissors consists of 2 knives, the upper one is movable, and the lower one is fixed and stationary. The upper blade is powered by a motor-driven mechanism.

The operating time of the tool depends on the capacity of the lithium-ion batteries and the type of plants to be trimmed. Without recharging, it can work from 30 minutes to 2 hours. And the thicker the plant, the faster the battery will drain. You can fully charge your device in 5 hours.

Devices fall into two categories:

  • household scissors;
  • professional.

Household scissors

Depending on this, the equipment and power, as well as the operating time of the device, differ.

What to look for when choosing

When choosing a tool, there are several important parameters to consider:

  • Blade frequency. The value of this criterion is different for different models. The standard frequency of movement is 75-80 displacements per minute. If you need a fairly powerful device that does the job quickly, you should choose a tool with a value of this parameter equal to 90-95 movements per minute.
  • Smoothness of movement. Whether the previous work made sense depends on the final result. When buying a device, you should test them (each store should have special layouts or areas for this).
    If the cut grass resembles a torn canvas, then the device is not doing its job well. If the lawn looks very aesthetically pleasing and pleasing to the eye, then you have a good model in your hands.
  • Insert edge quality. The blades must be made of high quality steel. Such a tool will have a long warranty period and an impressive service life.
  • Battery Life. It should be clarified in advance how long the equipment can work without recharging. The standard time for home appliances is 1 hour. Professional equipment should work continuously for at least an hour. You also need to know where you can replace lithium-ion batteries if necessary, and how long it takes to fully charge them.
  • Permissible plant size. Household and professional tools differ in what plants they can cut. The option for amateurs will fit for mowing lawns, weeds and thin branches of shrubs. The professional version is able to cut tough grass, thick and dense branches.

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How to use

To avoid mechanical injury, make sure that the tool is securely fixed in your hands. After that, it is necessary to determine the percentage of battery charge and approximately calculate the operating time of the device. Before starting work, inspect the area to be cut and make sure that there are no foreign objects on it that could get between the blades.

Do not use garden shears without gloves! The blades of the tool are very sharp and you may be injured.

At the end of the process, the blades should be cleaned of accumulated plant debris, wipe the tool dry and put on charge if necessary.

The best garden shears

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