In the braid, the devil himself becomes a brother, because after an hour of work on an overgrown area, the shoulders fall off, the back is stabbed and the hands go numb.

choosing a trimmer for a summer residence

This article will relieve you of a heavy burden. In it, we describe in detail the nuances of choosing a suitable trimmer for a summer residence, compare electric and gasoline models, types of cutting elements and designs.

Are trimmers and lawn mowers the same thing?

Yes and no. For comparison, a trimmer is a generalized concept, a lawn mower is a narrow specification, although it is from the same garden category. The trimmer is weaker than a lawn mower in terms of power and performance. It is equipped with an electric motor or a battery. This makes it easier to mow young shoots on the lawn. Motokosa is equipped with a gas engine, so it is used if you need to mow a plot with densely overgrown weeds and small shrubs.

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The principle of operation of the garden trimmer

A generalized working concept of a motorized scythe without any mishaps. If you turn on the engine, the shaft starts, and with it the reel with the spool of fishing line or the knife disk. The speed depends on the power. A good trimmer for giving gives out from 3 thousand to 12 thousand rpm (on a lawn mower, the frequency can be increased by a damper, which is on a carburetor: the wider it is opened, the more intense the torsion). Such a cutting element cleanly cuts off green stems and hardened branches.

how a garden trimmer works

Nylon line wears out quickly. Before mowing, from the spool of the electric trimmer, from time to time, you will have to manually or automatically unwind two pieces of fishing line of a certain length and fix them.

  1. Manually (it is economical): remove the spool → open the lid → pull out the “whiskers” of the fishing line, → close the lid → insert the spool → get to work.
  2. Automatic (makes an overrun): turn on the engine → press the button on the reel to the ground. Or, if the motor is off, press the key yourself and pull the line to the desired size. Unnecessary residues are easily removed on the sharp edge of the casing.

Under the influence of centrifugal power, the «whiskers» turn into a string and function on the principle of sharp knives that spin at an average speed of 26 m/s. The width of the grip can be adjusted up to forty centimeters — if you pull from two holes, and mow on a flat lawn. Unsightly, at first glance, one and a half millimeter diameter fishing line quite easily copes with young shoots of raspberries. In general, the diameter of the cutting thread can be selected within the range of 1.3-4 mm.

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Types of trimmers: differences between electric and gasoline

In small things, but there is a difference. The engine of a gasoline lawn mower, although more powerful than an electric one, is more vulnerable. Pogazuesh a bit — the load on the piston. That is why it is worth understanding how to choose the right gas trimmer.

It has three types of engines:

  • 2-stroke runs on gasoline-oil mixture. Proportionality depends on the motor configuration, the manufacturer’s specifications and the oil marking. Usually these proportions are 1:40 (250 ml of oil per liter of gasoline) and 1:50 (1 liter of gasoline, 200 ml of oil). Since refueling is a two-component fuel, two clock models have an overrun of fuel and lubricants by a factor of five. The device, although gaining high speed in a matter of minutes, loses in inertia and emits exhaust fumes. But here is a simplified piston system, in which there is nothing special to break. It is worth looking at the products of Bosch, Karcher, Makita, Ryobi and others;
  • A 4-stroke device significantly saves fuels and lubricants at the same gasoline consumption. Oil is poured into a separate compartment, it does not burn out and smokes less. Such models are more durable and durable, because they do not overheat much. A four-stroke works by inertia: lowered the trigger to a lower speed, the speed immediately drops by half the power. Those who have to mow a lot will appreciate it. Often, such engines are used by Japanese Honda lawn mowers.
  • 4-MIX, like two-stroke devices, operate on an oil-gasoline mixture in a ratio of 1:50. This type of engine has absorbed the best of the two types described above. In addition to the huge thrust and crazy torque, the device generates exhausts at minimum levels, makes moderate noise and consumes quite a bit of fuel. 4-MIX is used on Stihl garden tools.

To choose the right gas trimmer, do not underestimate the shaft with a shaft inside. It is he who transmits the urge to work from the motor to the cutting zone, which is at the bottom of the device. So. It is distinguished as rigid (located on a straight bar) and flexible (on a curved bar). The first is attached to professional equipment, the second — for the home. You yourself understand that in the first case, the tool is more durable and reliable, although it costs more. However, there are exceptions, and manufacturers put a hard shaft on household models. An example of this is Hitachi CG22EAS, Efco STARK 25, Partner B 250 B.

Electric scythes work from a 220 V socket or from a battery. The former are tied to the length of the cord or extension cord. It is advisable to mow them for about twenty minutes, then turn them off so that the engine cools down. The latter, in principle, are limited in time, since they are able to mow no longer than half an hour before the charge is empty. And they are inferior in power to network models. Both varieties from the moment of start work at maximum speed, the speed in them is not regulated.

In the question of which trimmer to buy in the country, we give a hint: look at the location of the engine:

top and bottom engine position for garden trimmer

  • the upper one constantly outweighs the working part, you quickly get tired in the eternal confrontation for balance. But such a braid is more powerful (up to 1.4 kW) than a model with an engine below. It is completed with a fishing line and a steel knife, which can cut small shrubs;
  • the bottom gives maneuverability to the device. But when the dew has fallen or it has rained, it is dangerous to mow. Can shandarakhnut current so that it does not seem enough. In addition, power (an average of 0.65 kW) may not be enough if a bush of unwanted growth is masked in the grass. Such models are completed only with a spool with fishing line.

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Construction type: handheld, shoulder or knapsack

  • The weight of a portable lawn mower is ≈ 4-7 kg. Manufacturers equip it with a metal loop for which a shoulder strap is attached. Or a design like on a backpack. The shoulder strap partly takes the load on itself, but quickly rubs, the back gets tired, because after all, the weight still outweighs. The knapsack model evenly distributes the load on the back and shoulders. It is more convenient and practical.
  • For convenience, lightweight designs are equipped with J, D or T-handles. The first two configurations are good for thickets in areas with potholes and slopes. It is convenient to grab the T-handle, which is in the shape of a bicycle handlebar, with two hands and make wide grips in a spacious meadow, without holes. And if the control is also placed on the handle, things will be argued faster. You mow in one breath until you run out of fuel, and you don’t get tired so quickly.

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Type of cutting elements: which is more practical

There is no doubt: a metal disk is stronger than plastic and more durable than fishing line. If it breaks, it will take time and significant repair costs. Bobbins with fishing line as consumables are sold everywhere in specialized stores. Their price differs depending on the diameter of the thread, the length (weight) of the skein and the brand name.

trimmer cutting edge

How to choose the right trimmer gas and electric

The cubic displacement of the engine affects the speed of the trimmer. It varies between 25-52 cubic meters. No matter how you mow (electric or gasoline), it is always more pleasant if the tool cuts like a razor, and does not saw like a dull knife, right?

  1. A distinctive feature of a 25 cubic meter lawn mower is lightness and a shortened rod (standard length is 1.5 meters). Will go to mow the lawn, path or curb. Old, caked grass will not be taken.
  2. If you need to process a plot of ten acres, it is better to look at the model for 43 cubes. This is enough just right, the apparatus of the thirty-seventh cubic capacity will work in tightness.
  3. The 52cc tool works like a beast, its power speaks for itself. But heavy. Already after half an hour it is felt on the shoulders and back, because the motor outweighs the cutting part, you will have to constantly maintain balance.

With speed figured out, it remains only to learn the above material. We recommend that you study 5 characteristics of the trimmer before deciding to buy.

If you mow grass, where the weed is on the weed, it is better to take a gasoline trimmer. It copes well with the crappy undergrowth in the harassed area, although it is heavy, it smells of exhaust and roars like a buffalo. The electric scythe is weaker, tied to an outlet, but easier to maintain — plug it into an outlet and work, so long as the wire does not get tangled under your feet, but it does not champ from dampness. The cordless tool is mobile, but limited in time and weak, unlike mains-powered models. It’s up to you to choose, we just have to wish you a successful purchase and the pleasure of mowing!

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