Fishing line is a material that often breaks and flies off in pieces of 5-10 cm. From time to time, gardeners have to look for a new one in order to restore equipment to working order.

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Mowers do this several times a day if their area exceeds 2 acres. Let’s figure out how to fill the fishing line into the trimmer without incidents and impact on the performance of garden equipment. A little dexterity in this matter will not hurt.

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How to change the line in a trimmer without incidents: detailed step by step instructions

A string trimmer is an indispensable gardening tool that helps keep your lawn in top condition. Cutting lines, mostly made of nylon, have long been an extremely practical and economical solution for removing weeds and unwanted plants. How much fishing line is enough in the trimmer mainly depends on the section. The latter can be of several types:

  1. Round. It has little wear due to less efficiency and a greater likelihood of tearing the cut edges of young grass.
  2. Square. Used to remove dry vegetation on rocky terrain.
  3. Polygon. For aesthetic mowing of grass, a straight cut line is left.
  4. Twisted type. Used for thin grass.

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Before winding the line on the trimmer spool, prepare the tool and platform. Don’t forget to get a new roll of consumables. If the work is carried out for the first time, careful reading of the technical documents is mandatory.

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Preparation for work

Turn off the appliance and remove the plug from the socket (for electric models). It is important to make sure that no current passes through the working shaft. Only then look for the holder at the bottom of the cutting head and remove the rotating block.

Removing the coil

Before changing the line in the trimmer, remove the rotating casing.
The algorithm depends on the equipment model and the design of the coil itself:

  • when disassembling equipment with a straight boom and a gearbox, the shaft is fixed (there is a special hole), and then the coil body is rotated;
  • for compact models, latches are provided on the sides (they are clamped for a while to gain access to the internal element);
  • in analogues with a bent bar, they hold the casing by hand, while turning the lamb.

Line replacement, removal

To disassemble the device, you do not need a specific tool such as a knife, hammer, pliers, as well as special efforts. If winding occurs with ignorance of such recommendations, this practice often ends in damage to the plastic casing of the spool.

Coil disassembly

Simply turn the cutting head clockwise or counter-clockwise following the indications on the back of the unit. There may be a spring inside. Try to keep it in place. Different models have their own troubles about this.

After disassembly, 3 accessories will be at hand: the body (the top removable cover and the rotating casing), the coil itself.

It is better to perform all actions on an already mowed area so as not to lose individual components.

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How to wind the line on the trimmer spool

The principle of «refueling» the element on which the nylon thread is pulled is extremely simple. This block has two «tracks» between which there is a partition with a recess. First, the consumables are pulled through this groove, then they are settled exactly along the guides.

After winding a new roll, put on a protective cover and insert a fishing line into it. Pulling the free ends to the outlet holes, snap the top half. It remains to install the block on the trimmer and pull the thread to the desired length. They must not touch the protective cover during rotation.

How much line to wind on the trimmer spool?

The most important element of a garden scythe (both gasoline and battery) is the “cutting line”. The type of material from which it is made largely determines the quality and pace of work. But this is not the only nuance. To get rid of annoying weeds, unsightly brushwood, or just to perfectly level the lawn at the concrete curb, it is important to know how much line to wind on the trimmer spool. Only after that you can go to the cord.

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The efficiency of the equipment is determined by the cross-section of the cutting line and the mass. The diameter of the fishing line and its quantity is selected based on the size of the head. Here are some recommendations:

One reel requires from 2 to 4 m of fishing line. Length and consumption are determined by the manufacturer. If you add more than a few centimeters, this is fraught with problems with the ends of the thread coming out as you rotate. In this case, the head will work inefficiently.

trimmer line length adjustment

After the replacement is completed, all turns should be on the coil body. If there are elusive elements, it is better to cut off the excess length. With an excess, the working thread will quickly unwind and break much more often.

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When is it time to change the line in your garden trimmer?

The line can be used up at the most inopportune moment. Often at this time, work is in full swing. So that the replacement does not take you by surprise, it is better to take care of this in advance. For a large area, the average cord consumption will be 10 m per month.

Those who know the algorithm will be able to easily and quickly cope with the task. It is better not to rush and carefully check the design of the spool before the first practice. If there are difficulties with disassembly, you can always find instructions. The manufacturer indicates the methods of fastening and the principles for extracting individual elements. Special scrupulousness will help to avoid damage.

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