How to make sandblasting with your own hands at home: drawings and assembly steps


Sandblasting allows you to quickly and efficiently clean surfaces from dirt, matte glass. The first type of operation is in high demand in small car repair shops and even private garages. The problem is that the kits offered on the market are expensive. At the same time, for example, a home master has a fairly efficient compressor. In this case, you can assemble a sandblaster with your own hands, using, literally, discarded items and parts that you can buy at any hardware store.

The design and principle of operation of the sandblasting machine

Do-it-yourself sandblasting can be assembled on the basis of two design schemes that differ in the physics of the supply of abrasive material to the output path. However, they will have almost the same list of significant nodes.

  1. The compressor is the main device for pumping air.
  2. A receiver that can be made from a gas cylinder.
  3. A container for abrasive material of a sufficiently small volume, which is made from a freon cylinder or a fire extinguisher.
  4. Pistol, the main tool of the installation operator.
  5. Connecting hoses.

Important! To ensure long-term operation and stable parameters of the abrasive mixture, the sandblasting device must necessarily include a moisture separator. If a reciprocating compressor is used, it is recommended to install an oil filtration system in the air inlet path.

The principle of operation of the sandblaster

Any homemade sandblasting should form a stream of air-abrasive mixture at the outlet. Wherein pressure circuit uses a pressurized supply of abrasive to the outlet, where it mixes with the air flow from the compressor. household sandblaster ejector type uses the Bernoulli effect to create a vacuum in the abrasive intake path. The latter enters the mixing zone under the action of the atmosphere.

The drawings and diagram of a homemade sandblaster, according to which you can assemble the device at home, are very diverse. The reason is that handicraftsmen use what is at hand for their products. Therefore, it is reasonable to consider the general principles by which homemade sandblasting equipment is built.

What can be sandblasted from

To understand how easy it is to do sandblasting with your own hands, it is enough to dwell on the features of the operation of each structural unit. In this case, the selection of available parts or finished products becomes obvious.

  1. Mixing unit. Sand for sandblasting, compressed air from the compressor come here from two hoses. The output is a ready-made air-abrasive mixture. In this case, no requirements, for example, the volume of the mixing chamber, are imposed on the unit. On this basis, a conventional plumbing tee can be used for its manufacture.
    Plumbing tee
  2. Control devices. A normal handheld sandblaster should be able to adjust the airflow and abrasive feed rate. In this case, no requirements are imposed on the control device. At home, steel water ball valves perform this role well.
    Water ball valve
  3. Connection points. To connect the hoses to the portable sandblaster, conventional fittings are installed. They can be equipped with clamps for secure fastening. All these components are easy to buy in stores.
  4. Receiver. This part of the design is needed to facilitate the operation of the compressor and stabilize the pressure. The receiver will definitely be required if you want to get a powerful sandblast with your own hands. This device can be made from a powder-type fire extinguisher with a large case capacity. Another option is to make a receiver from a gas cylinder.
    gas cylinder
  5. Abrasive chamber. The components for its manufacture may differ depending on the type of installation being created. For example, a mini ejector-type sandblaster is assembled with a plastic bottle for abrasive. A pressure installation will require a strong container made of a fire extinguisher or a freon cylinder.
    freon cylinder

Important! The wiring diagram for the dehumidifier and oil trap devices depends on the specific product purchased for this purpose. However, most of the models on the market will require only a branch from a plumbing tee, on which the hose fittings are mounted.

Algorithm for the manufacture of sandblasting from a gas cylinder or fire extinguisher

The simplest sandblasting design that you can do yourself is a pressure-type installation.. For its manufacture you will need (the principles of selection and purpose of the components are described above):

  • ball valves, 2 pcs;
  • freon cylinder, gas or fire extinguisher;
  • a piece of pipe to create a funnel for pouring abrasive into the chamber;
  • tees, 2 pcs;
  • hoses with internal diameters of 10 and 14 mm for abrasive discharge and air supply from the compressor, respectively;
  • fittings and clamps for fastening hoses;
  • plumbing fum tape for connecting structural elements.

The production of sandblasting takes place according to the following algorithm.

  1. The camera is being prepared. To do this, gas is released from the fire extinguisher or powder is poured out, the contents are removed from any pressurized cylinders.
  2. Holes are made in the balloon. Above — for filling the abrasive (corresponding to the diameter of the selected tube), below — for welding the crane.
    Hole in the bottle
  3. A valve for adjusting the supply of abrasive can be tightly welded into the cylinder. Another option is to pre-install the adapter onto which the regulator is screwed.
    Finished construction
  4. After the tap, using a fum tape, a tee, a mixing unit, is installed.
  5. A crane is mounted on the cylinder valve, followed by a tee.

The assembly of the main structure is completed by welding wheels or carrying handles. Do not interfere and support legsso that the sandblast is not only mobile, but also stable.

Next, the connections and formation of the supply and output paths of the finished working mixture are carried out:

  • on the cylinder valve, the lower tee — fittings are installed;
  • a 14 mm air supply hose is located between the valve tee and the corresponding mixing unit at the bottom of the cylinder;
  • a compressor is connected to the remaining supply of the valve tee with a fitting;
  • a hose for supplying the working mixture is fixed to the free outlet of the lower tee.


Output Shaping

On this, the creation of the device can be considered completed.

Construction of the sandblaster

Advice! To ensure tightness, it is recommended to pick up a screw cap on the abrasive sand filling tube.

What to make a nozzle and a gun from

A homemade sandblasting gun is also not difficult. It can be made using ball valve attachmentinstalled at the end of the air-abrasive mixture supply hose. This outlet element is a clamping nut that fixes the abrasive ejection nozzle.

The last structural element — the nozzle — can be made of metal by turning the part on a lathe. However, more reasonable make a nozzle out of a spark plug. To do this, the old part is cut with a grinder, separating the durable ceramic pillar from the metal structural elements and forming a suitable length.

Spark plug

Important! The process of separating the desired part of the candle is the inevitable formation of a huge amount of dust and an unpleasant odor. Therefore, if you do not have the skills to work with a grinder and a workshop, it is recommended to buy a ceramic nozzle in a store.

It is worth noting that homemade designs often perform better than the ready-made sandblast gun, many models of which are available at retail. Therefore, it is wise to spend time creating your own solution, which does not require significant financial investments.

Alternative manufacturing methods

Many options for homemade sandblasters are due to the needs of the owners and the different materials available. You can make your own efficient installation using products designed for other work. For example, a high-pressure washer will help you assemble a dust-free sandblaster with your own hands. Below are a few working and effective options for home-made installations.

From a pressure washer

You can collect sandblasting from Karcher. This car wash generates high water pressure with low water consumption. To get an efficient dust-free installation, all you need is assemble a special nozzle on the outlet tube. Would need:

  • self-made or store-bought ceramic nozzle;
  • reinforced hose;
  • mixing block, a tee with a suitable fit diameter will do;
  • feed adjustment unit, cylindrical type dispenser;
  • an abrasive intake tube equipped with an air supply path into a closed container with sand or other material.

Water sandblast from Karcher works on the ejector circuit. Water under high pressure, passing through the mixing unit at high speed, creates a vacuum in the abrasive supply path. Sand enters and is ejected with liquid under high pressure.

Water sandblast from Karcher

The water sandblasting of this design has some features.

  1. High flow rate with low water flow. This allows the installation to be used for glass, frosting or other processing.
  2. For stable feeding, an abrasive of uniform dispersion and small fraction should be used. In domestic conditions, a small one is suitable, sifted river sand.

From blow gun

Small and efficient — this is how you can describe sandblasting with a blow gun. This device will make it possible to carry out, for example, body work with a fairly high efficiency. However, the performance depends entirely on the compressor used. To assemble the device you will need:

  • finished pneumatic blow gun;
  • plumbing tee;
  • ball valve for adjusting the supply of abrasive;
  • outlet nozzle with clamping nut.

The design is not complex. How to assemble it can be seen in the next photo.

Blow gun design

As a container for abrasive, both a light cylinder from a powder fire extinguisher and plastic bottle.

Plastic bottle

Using the spray gun

You can create a homemade sandblast from a spray gun. For this you will need:

  • mixing valve from a conventional spray gun;
  • a handle with a spray gun air supply mechanism;
  • bottle for abrasive mixture:
  • tee;
  • ball valve regulator.

The scheme of operation of the finished device is as follows:

Scheme of the finished device

To assemble the structure you will need:

  • pierce the spray gun to use the nozzle of the required dimensions;
  • attach a mixing tee to the gun;
  • install and secure the supply and circulation hoses.

Important! Starting the supply of sand or other abrasive from the tank is carried out by simply pressing the trigger. The volume of the bottle is enough to process small parts or surfaces for 20-30 minutes.

As a conclusion

So that homemade sandblasting does not become a problem and does not spoil the health of the owner, do not neglect simple safety rules. It is recommended to remove dust from the treatment area immediately. A device for solving such a problem can be made from a vacuum cleaner. However, to achieve the maximum level of protection, it is imperative to work in a respirator, use an uninhabited sealed chamber for cleaning and grinding small parts.

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