How to make your own trap for mosquitoes and flies


In the summer, mosquitoes bother on the street, make their way into the premises, so you can’t do without means of protection from annoying blood-sucking carriers of infections. An interesting protection solution can be a do-it-yourself fly and mosquito trap. Many varieties of such homemade products have been invented, but according to the principle of operation, they are conventionally divided into the following groups:

  • devices for mechanical trapping of mosquitoes in a vessel;
  • adhesive catching surfaces;
  • electric traps and repellers for mosquitoes.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with some simple homemade mosquito traps in this article.

Examples of plastic bottle mosquito traps

An empty plastic container can be used as a DIY mosquito trap. The principle of operation of such a device is attracting insects. Mosquitoes that get into the vessel will not be able to get back out.

Trap scheme

carbon dioxide bait

An empty plastic container must be cut across in a ratio of 1 to 3 (the part with the neck and the bottom, respectively). In the resulting plastic bait is being prepared in a glass from 150-200 ml of water, 2 tbsp. sugar and 5 g of a bag of baker’s yeast. Next, the funnel must be inserted into the part of the bottle filled with bait with the neck down, as shown in the image. The junction of the parts should be fixed with tape. The carbon dioxide mosquito trap is ready to catch annoying insects.

carbon dioxide bait

Mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of carbon dioxide released during the fermentation process. Mosquitoes and other insects attracted by the bait through the funnel fall into a plastic container, from which they can no longer get out.

Important! The carbon dioxide mosquito trap is operational for 7-10 days while the fermentation process is in progress. Therefore, the bait should be changed periodically.

Since the smell of fermentation is unpleasant for the human sense of smell, this type of device is more suitable for use on the street, an open veranda or an arbor.

Sunflower oil trap

It is even easier to make another version of the trap yourself from plastic containers, using sunflower oil to trap flies and mosquitoes. It is enough to take a used oil bottle. From it you need to cut off the top with a neck, make holes in the “headless” container with a sharp object and stretch a rope through them for hanging under a lamp or lantern.

plastic oil bottle

The principle of the method of «catching» insects is difficult to explain. By itself, sunflower oil does not attract mosquitoes. Possibly the insects flocking to a light sourceget inside the container with oily walls and cannot fly out from there.

Do-it-yourself sticky mosquito trap

The work of glue traps is based on luring insects to the sticky material using smell and heat.. Mosquitoes fly to the smell of urea, carbon dioxide. To make a sticky trap you will need:

  • prepare a mixture of several ingredients;
  • apply sticky bait to a thick paper sheet or strips with holes made;
  • thread the rope and hang the trap in the chosen place.

adhesive trap

Let’s bring several recipes for sticky bait mix.

  1. Sweet syrup, jam or honey 50 ml, turpentine 50 ml, rosin 200 g, castor oil 100 g.
  2. Vaseline 100 g, rosin 100 g, honey 50 g, glycerin 20 g.
  3. Sweet syrup or honey 25 ml, vegetable oil 75 ml, pine resin 150 g, wax 5 g.

Important! When making a sticky trap, accuracy is required. Mixtures are difficult to wash off hands, they can leave stains on clothes that cannot be washed off.

Velcro is short-lived: As insects stick, the adhesive trap should be disposed of.

The use of electricity in the fight against mosquitoes

Making a homemade electric mosquito trap with your own hands requires certain knowledge and skills in the field of electricity. To make an ultrasonic mosquito repeller with your own hands, you need to understand electrical engineering, understand circuits and be able to work with a soldering iron. It is easier to make a mosquito trap lamp. We offer two methods to choose from.

Lamp insect catcher

To assemble the device you will need:

  • a tetra pack of juice with a capacity of at least 2 liters or a bucket of mayonnaise;
  • a light bulb with a cartridge or a flashlight;
  • gauze fabric;
  • wire/rope;
  • a small fan with a diameter of 100 mm, it can be taken from a non-working PC.

Lamp catcher

Instrument assembly procedure next.

  1. The upper and lower parts of the tetra bag must be cut off; in the case of a bucket, the bottom is cut off. In the side walls, you need to make small holes through which a rope or wire is pulled to fasten the future device.
  2. At the bottom of the case, attach the fan so that the air flow from the blades is directed downwards. Connect the rotating structural element to the wires with a plug for inclusion in the electrical network.
  3. Glue a gauze bag to the body at the bottom of the structure.
  4. At the top of the wire, make a handle to which to attach a flashlight or cartridge with a light bulb.

The principle of operation of such a trap is attracting mosquitoes with light. The air current picks up and moves the flying tribe inside the gauze bag.

Mosquito trap

This device is suitable to eliminate mosquitoes on the street, can be used near utility rooms. To make it, you will need an empty paint can, a stainless steel mesh, a wire, a low-power lamp with a cartridge, a chemical mixture (liquid solution of agit 3 g / 100 ml, a few drops of ammonia and lactic acid).

Can of paint

The order of assembly of the structure is given below.

  1. On the cylindrical surface of the jar, you need to cut a large window.
  2. The resulting hole must be tightened with a stainless steel mesh. The wire is needed to secure the mesh.
  3. Place a light source at the bottom of the jar.
  4. Treat the body with a chemical mixture.

The working principle of the outdoor mosquito trap mosquito device is to lure insects with light. Getting on the body treated with chemistry, mosquitoes die.

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