Idea for a summer house or home: how a designer designed an all-season gazebo of 40 sq. m


Customers and tasks

The owners turned to designer Anastasia Ufimtseva with a request to design a multifunctional complex on their site. “It was necessary to take into account the presence of a place for cooking, a dining area for a large company, a place for light snacks, the so-called bar, and, of course, a place of rest where the family will gather for watching movies or for a game of checkers or chess,” — says the author of the project.


The gazebo is a pentagon with a sloping wall. Panoramic windows and glass doors are located on three walls. Functionally, the gazebo is divided into three zones: cooking, relaxing and eating.

The first zone — cooking — is represented by a large corner set made by the construction method. The main character here is definitely a real stove with a woodshed under it.

Facing brick White House, furniture

White House facing brick, furniture for the kitchen area made according to the designer’s sketches, Yachtline table and chairs, wall decor, Teak House kitchen shelves and wine rack, Design boom kitchen accessories, Shimwood, Bonjur Abajur lamps

“This is the pride of the customers. The woodshed is filled with logs of golden alder, which are harvested in a special way! For this purpose, the hostess’s father made blanks, collected logs, chopped firewood and dried them, achieving the effect of a golden hue, having previously studied the recipe for this intricate process! And this choice was not made by chance, because alder firewood dries quickly and at the same time retains its pleasant aroma, ”says the author of the project. There is also a tandoor, sink and storage space.

The second zone — eating — is organized in the form of a large dining table and complemented by a bar counter.

Bar stools Dantone Home

Bar stools Dantone Home

The third — sofa area — consists of a soft sofa and two armchairs, as well as a coffee table. There is also a TV here.

Sofa, Yachtline armchairs, Kare carpet, pillows...

Sofa, Yachtline armchairs, Kare carpet, Tkano pillows and blankets, Filimonova Textile, leather accessories and ADJ chess, Borovkova studio

The sofa and dining areas face large windows, and the stove in the cooking area is directly opposite the entrance, which focuses all attention on it.


Natural materials were used as finishing materials: brick, wood and decorative plaster. “The whole building had to organically fit into the landscape of the site and be part of it,” Anastasia comments on the choice.


For the arrangement, they also chose furniture made from natural materials, taking into account practicality. So, for example, the sofa group, dining table and chairs are made of natural teak, and the upholstery fabrics are water-repellent.

Also, wall decor, shelves above the kitchen set and a wine shelf were chosen from this type of wood.


The main role is given to the large central chandelier (there are 21 light bulbs in the form of candles here!). The chandelier was made to order in order to meet the required dimensions, because it should illuminate the entire room. But zonal provided additional lamps. For example, above the kitchen area and above the hood, which is located above the tandoor.

Country house


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