It’s fashionable and simple: 9 unpretentious garden plants that are in trend


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one astilba

Spectacular bright pink shrub with lush clusters of inflorescences will decorate any flower bed. Astilba can often be seen in trendy naturalistic gardens, where the landscape is close to natural. This plant feels great in the shade, does not require special care and pleases the eye with its flowering for a long time.

2 Fern

The fern looks very stylish and adds mystery to the garden. This is one of the most unpretentious plants, it takes root literally everywhere. The fern can grow in a sunny clearing or in deep shade. It is often used to fill in the most «unfortunate» areas of the garden, where other flowers refuse to grow. Fern perfectly tolerates drought or dampness. But there is a minus in this unpretentiousness: the plant can become an aggressor and displace other crops from the site if its population is not controlled.

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3 hosta

A beautiful lush bush with large green leaves will not go unnoticed in the garden. Hostas are often used in modern landscape design: they are complemented by flower beds, planted as a separate species or as a companion to other plants and even trees. The hosta can be green or more variegated with contrasting white patches added to the green. Any kind of this plant is unpretentious: it grows well in the shade and does not require frequent watering.

four Lupins

In the natural environment, variegated spike-shaped inflorescences of lupins can be found in a variety of areas: from swampy soils to arid sunny meadows. From the wild, they migrated to the gardens of the «new wave», where the naturalness of the landscape is emphasized to the maximum. Lupins can bloom twice a season, and they do not require any special care. It reproduces quickly and easily from its seeds.

5 Phloxes

A beautiful and fragrant phlox bush in the garden will attract the attention of not only butterflies and bees, but also all guests. This plant is perfect for a country-style flower bed, and for a natural landscape flower garden. At the same time, phlox is very easy to care for, and it also blooms not only in summer, but throughout early autumn.

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6 Oregano

Oregano is a two-in-one plant: it can be used both to decorate the garden and to brew tea. Small delicate bushes look very beautiful and gentle, so they are perfect for any flower bed. This plant feels great both in the shade and in the sun, it is undemanding to watering and care.

7 Hydrangea paniculata

Another very bright plant for the garden, which blooms luxuriantly and beautifully and does not require complex care. Hydrangea paniculata tolerates winter well in the middle lane, and immediately in the spring begins to grow actively and then bloom. Just a couple of bushes of this plant will make the garden brighter and more spectacular.

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eight Clematis stinging

This variety belongs to species, so it is more tenacious (although ordinary clematis does not require complex care). Growing, the plant immediately fills the space with a bright white hat of flowers — it looks very impressive. All that is required of you in terms of care is to make a support on which the flower will grow.

9 Chamomile

The most common chamomile does not lose its popularity and is still used in fashionable landscape design. It looks very natural and grows easily. A big plus: these simple but beautiful flowers require little to no maintenance.

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