Lawn care with a lawn mower and trimmer to keep it even and thick


Remember the joke about the Englishman who answered the question of how to grow the perfect lawn: «Very simple: mow the grass once a week … And so — 150 years.» We understand that you need a more detailed answer, so in this article we will analyze the questions that summer residents often face.

How do you know when it’s time to mow the lawn?

Have you ever wondered why lawns are cut short? The fact is that the optimal grass height (and this is 4-5 cm) has been established empirically. If it is maintained, the grass surface will become evener, greener and thicker.

The first thing you need to do is check the weather forecast. If you mow the lawn too short in the heat, the roots will weaken, weeds will immediately “take advantage” of this, which will not be easy to deal with. So on hot days, you need not a haircut, but watering.

With heavy dew and after rain, mowing the grass should also be refrained from. Firstly, it is not safe (it is important to eliminate the risk of electric shock). Secondly, the sticking of wet grass mass leads to heating of the rotating parts and increases the load on the motor. Thirdly, after rain, the soil becomes softer, and bald spots may remain on it. Mow in comfortable weather without extreme temperatures.

Are there specific mowing rules?

Yes, and the first of these is to make sure that there are no stones, wires and other debris on the lawn that can bounce during operation or wrap around moving parts of the tool. The result will be better if each time the mower grabs an already mowed strip a little, and on the slopes it moves not along, but across (from below to a hill and back).

Should grass be left on the lawn? This issue is still controversial. It’s definitely easier this way – you don’t need to interrupt your work to empty the full grassbag. With regular mowing, grass clippings are short and easily penetrate the soil, where they turn into natural fertilizer. Of the minuses — it is almost impossible not to stain shoes in a fresh herbal mass.

What is better to mow?

Two tools are used for lawn care — a lawn mower and a trimmer. The mower is needed for uniform mowing of grass in large areas, but it will not work along the edges of the lawn, next to fences, near bushes and trees. For these areas you need a trimmer that allows you to trim everything. To enjoy your work, choose a trimmer with thoughtful ergonomics and a balanced design.

Previously, all garden equipment was gasoline, with all the ensuing (and literally too!) Consequences. Today, such devices are mainly used by public utilities for their large-scale work. For summer residents, there are more disadvantages in such a tool: smoke and the smell of gasoline fumes, noise, the need to prepare the fuel mixture and service the engine themselves. For a long time, only electric tools were an alternative to gasoline tools, and they had one significant drawback — dependence on an outlet and always tangled wires. For some time now, things have been different, because cordless tools have appeared. They are lighter, quieter, require virtually no maintenance and most importantly — they give freedom of movement!

The nuances of choosing a model

Smaller devices are usually lighter and more maneuverable, so if the area is small, you can safely stop at them. The larger the area, the more powerful mower you will need. If the site has a pronounced terrain, choose models with a traction drive function that will help you work on slopes. Also pay attention to the volume of the grass catcher — you will have to empty it as it fills up, taking breaks in work. Check if the mower has a mulching kit (for spreading the grass over the lawn), grass bag level control and if the cutting height can be adjusted. Find out if the charger and battery are included in the kit or if they will have to be bought separately, if the manufacturer has other equipment with a similar battery so that it can be rearranged, for example, from a trimmer to a lawn mower, and vice versa. Kärcher equipment has such an opportunity. For example, the 18-volt LTR 18-30 Battery Set trimmer battery can be used with the LMO 18-36 Battery Set mower and other garden tools with the same voltage class.

To make the equipment serve for a long time

It remains to recall a few rules that will help to use the resource of equipment 100% and keep it working for a long time.

Cordless tools are designed for lawn care. It is not worth working in a meadow with tall grass — this can lead to breakage.

If you feel the vibration of the instrument, stop. This is a signal that something is going wrong: the mower blade is not fixed properly, or debris has got into the moving mechanisms. If you cannot determine the cause yourself, contact the service center.

Use only the original charger for the battery, store it in a dry and warm place in winter, do not forget to fully charge it after a long period of storage. We wish you pleasure from working with machinery and perfect lawns!


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