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Mosquitoes and midges, flies, cockroaches and other insects annoy a person. It is necessary to use various methods of protection against carriers of pathogens of various diseases. Fumigation is considered an effective pest control method.

What is the function of a fumigator

Fumigation is the destruction of harmful insects by exposing them to poisonous fumes. The word comes from the Latin verb «fumigare», which means to fumigate, smoke. The chemical used to carry out this procedure called a fumigant. It is easy to guess that a fumigator is a device that allows you to spread substances that are poisonous to insects.

Fumigator and plate

The fumigator device consists of the following key elements:

  • heating element;
  • insecticide in the form of a plate, spiral, tablet or wick.

The principle of operation of the fumigator is to ensure the evaporation of a chemical that kills pests, but is safe for humans and pets. In addition to insecticides, non-toxic, repellent substances are used in the fight against annoying insects. These are pyrethrins extracted from plants and pyrethroids synthesized components. Such substances help to get rid of midges in the kitchen through fumigation, scare away the «bloodsuckers» from the children’s room.

Important! The answer to the question of how the fumigator acts on mosquitoes directly depends on the substance used in the device. The insecticide works for destruction, and pyrethrin and pyrethroid simply scare away.

Fumigator in socket

Device classification

Modern science has developed a wide range of specialized chemicals for pest control, from insects to rodents, by fumigation. A universal fumigator that works in all directions is just a dream. On sale there are various types of specialized fumigators. The most popular are devices from mosquitoes and midges. Less common from flies and from cockroaches. And if you try, it is possible to find a fumigator from mice or other harmful animals: from bedbugs, from moths and even from fleas in the apartment.

Devices also vary in form factor. Electric fumigators can run on batteries or from household power. Depending on the conditions of use there are street devices, for residential and office premises, portable portable fumigators, helping out on fishing or in field conditions. On sale you can find a special fumigator for a car and even devices with additional functions: a night light or a fumigator heating pad.

Fumigator for fishing

Regardless of the type of fumigation agent and form factor, all devices offered on the market by heating method are divided into two classes:

  • electrical;
  • pyrotechnic (smoking).

In an electrical appliance as a fumigant, depending on the model, solid (tablets, plates), liquid (in a vial) or combined forms of the substance can be used. The heat source in the appliance is an electric heating element.

Electric fumigator

To actuate pyrotechnic device the coil/wick must be ignited and immediately extinguished to initiate the smoldering process, through which smoke is released into the air that affects pests.


Rules for the operation of devices of different classes

In order to avoid harm to health, the following rules for the selection and operation of fumigators should be followed.

  1. When buying a device, check the availability of instructions and fire safety certificate.
  2. Before using the device, read the instructions on how to properly turn on the fumigator with liquid, for example. Operate the product strictly following the instructions.
  3. Do not leave the appliance plugged in unattended.

For electrical structures, it is important to avoid moisture ingress. In enclosed spaces, you can turn on the device only for 2-3 hours in the place where the household is least likely to be. For large rooms, it is allowed to use several devices of the same class, placed in different zones. In children’s rooms repellent-based models are recommended. The same remark applies to rooms where pregnant women are present.

Fumigator for children

It has been noticed that aquarium fish do not tolerate the effects of fumigants, therefore, a fumigator cannot be used in rooms with an aquarium.

Remember that only regular operation of fumigators will not harm a person.

The best mosquito fumigators

In the variety of offers, it is difficult for buyers to decide which mosquito fumigator is better. The review below shows popular fumigators that are quite effective in controlling mosquitoes.

Line of devices «Raptor»

The models of this brand use mosquito-destroying substance «Etok» in liquid form or in the form of plates. This fumigant, when used correctly, will not harm the health and well-being of humans and pets. When heated, the substance evaporates and paralyzes the nervous system of mosquitoes. The same substance will effectively help cope with flies, fleas and bed bugs.


Important! Leave the device turned on at night only with the window open. The bottle is enough for 40-60 nights, and the plates for the desired effect should be changed every 8-10 hours of active work.

The cost of the models of the brand in question depends on the format of the substance used: plates or a bottle of liquid. Prices for the kit (device + fumigant) vary from 350 rubles with plates and from 500 rubles with liquid.

Fumigator Raptor on Yandex Market

Electric devices «Raid»

Fumigators of this brand are available in two versions:

  • conventional, manually turned on and off device;
  • apparatus, equipped with an off timer.


The brand’s assortment includes products with a liquid form of a fumigant in a bottle (for 30-40 nights) or an active substance in the form of replaceable plates (for 8-10 hours). The price of the kit, depending on the model, starts from 250 rubles.

Fumigator Raid on Yandex Market

Mosquitall appliances

Mosquitall universal devices work with both plates and liquid form of fumigant. This device is equipped with a mosquito repellent. The device can be used as a baby mosquito fumigator. The set can be bought from 250 rubles.

On a note! The product range of the Mosquitall brand includes not only simple devices, but also versions with additional functions: a fan and a timer.


Fumigator Mosquitall on Yandex Market

Making a homemade fumigator

A conventional industrial electric fumigator is structurally quite simple:

  • plastic body;
  • heating element;
  • tray or container for fumigant in the form of a plate or liquid;
  • connecting wires;
  • electric plug.

Fumigator design

It will not be difficult for a craftsman who is versed in the field of electrical engineering to assemble such a heating device with his own hands from improvised means according to the scheme:


As an electric heater, you can use a wire resistor from 12 to 25 watts.

Used for fumigation a piece of cardboard impregnated with insecticidal liquid. Such a home-made device is effective, but a fire hazard, since the impregnated cardboard can flare up.

Advice! It is easier to prepare a liquid composition that repels mosquitoes, pour it into a bottle and use it in an aroma lamp. For the composition, you can use the essential oils of the following plants: lavender, geranium, mint, eucalyptus.

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