Remez compressors: advantages and overview of models


It is almost impossible to name an industry where compressors would not find their application. They are in demand in everyday life, the service sector. Reliable and unpretentious, these hard workers work in furniture shops and paint shops. Compressors are needed in airplanes. They are key blocks in the life support systems for critically ill patients. It is important that the compressor guarantee stable operating parameters and a long service life. And Remeza offers a wide range of solutions with just such characteristics.

Compressors with the widest range of applications

In total, there are two categories of compressors according to the principle of their operation: voluminous and dynamic. According to the class of structural solutions, piston, membrane and rotary machines are distinguished. However, the average user gets acquainted with the types of superchargers by devices that he sees in production or in solving problems with a low level of complexity.


Popular at home membrane plants. These are simple in design, quite unpretentious units. Their working pressure is enough to pump up the wheels of cars or drive pneumatic tools. To solve more complex problems, it is rational to use one of the following devices:

  • piston installations;
  • screw rotary machines;
  • spiral construction solutions.

Each of these types of blowers has its own characteristics and advantages in different applications. FROMReciprocating compressor has the widest range of applications. Its design is simple; electric, gasoline, diesel engines can be used as a drive. The devices are distinguished by a rather noticeable beating of the output air flow.

Screw rotary compressors features a good ratio of dimensions and maximum outlet pressure. The design features of such machines make it possible not to limit the speed on the drive shaft in any way. Therefore, even small compressors are capable of generating significant pressure.

Scroll compressors managed to create only with the development of technologies for the production of abrasion-resistant materials. These machines deliver beat-free airflow, offer maximum transmission ratios, and have no dead volume. Fine-tuning of parameters allows the use of oil-free scroll compressors, for example, for supplying air to the ventilation system of the lungs in medical installations.

Advantages of Remez compressors

Remez compressors are distinguished by a reliable element base, well-thought-out technical solutions, high-class materials. And most importantly, Remeza offers a range of compressors for use in a wide variety of industries, with a wide selection of parameters. The company produces:

  • a wide range of reciprocating compressors, including boosters (boosters);
  • oil-filled screw units, power from 2.2 to 315 kW;
  • mobile diesel and modular stations;
  • oil-free superchargers;
  • solutions for medical applications.

Special purpose solutions, receivers, preparation systems, control systems and much more are available.

Important! As noted by numerous customer reviews, Remez reciprocating compressors show proven reliability and consistently high performance in target areas. A pleasant bonus for the buyer of Remez equipment will be the extended service network of the manufacturer.

Overview of popular solutions from Remez

Another feature of Remez compressors is their conciseness and sufficiency. If you need a reliable unit for work, for example, in a workshop, you do not have to assemble the injection system from separate blocks. It is enough to buy one of Remez’s solutions. Receiver-equipped units, carefully thought out and calculated, show a high level of user-friendliness.

Remeza SB4/S-100.LB30A

This electrically driven two-cylinder piston compressor is capable of compressing up to 420 liters per minute to 10 bar. At the same time, its requirements for energy consumption of 2200 W allow you to turn on the installation even in the socket of a modern apartment. The unit is equipped with a 100 l receiver, assembled on a power frame equipped with transport wheels. Unit weight 88 kg, it has overheating protection and control pressure gauge.

Remeza SB4/S-100.LB30A


  • reliability;
  • maximum working pressure;
  • build quality and materials;
  • maintainability and service.


  • for some placement options, the position of the pressure gauge is inconvenient;
  • comments on the information content of the connection instructions;
  • plastic cut-off tube of the pressure switch;
  • no oil dipstick.

Remeza SB4/F-500.LB75

This stationary compressor is the ideal choice for industries that constantly need a large volume of compressed air. Unit works from 380V network and consumes up to 5500 W of energy. The compression system is three-stage three-cylinder, capable of delivering up to 740 liters of air per minute with a pressure of 10 bar. The capacity of the receiver is 500 liters. used belt drive in the drive system.


  • reliability;
  • long time of continuous work;
  • high-quality control automation;
  • performance;
  • receiver volume.


  • 380V power supply, not suitable for domestic use;
  • installation on legs, requires a flat base;
  • with some installation options, the vertical position of the pressure gauge seems uncomfortable;
  • short cable.

Remeza SB4 24.VS254

This model ideal for paint jobs. The oil-free type compressor compresses up to 250 liters per minute at pressures up to 5 bar. The device is powered by a single-phase 220V network, consumes up to 1800 watts at the peak. The volume of the receiver in 24 liters is enough to create optimal conditions for the operation of the drive engine, even with prolonged use of the supercharger. The compression system is two-stage, 2 cylinders.

Important! A feature of the model is its dimensions: vertical installation allows you to place the compressor even in cramped conditions.

Remeza SB4 24.VS254


  • 45 kg of mass, moving by one person;
  • 460×480 mm mounting platform;
  • build quality and materials;
  • oil free.


  • short power cable;
  • legs are not adjustable;
  • control pressure gauges are placed low;
  • plastic protective cover.

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