To the envy of the neighbors: 7 rare plants for the garden that you will not find in others


What rare plants can you plant? Told in video

one Baptisia

Baptisia refers to perennials. In the conditions of the middle zone, the plant calmly endures the winter without any shelter. It usually grows up to half a meter, and in the shade it is higher than on the sunny side. Baptisia does not require complex care, even a novice gardener can grow it. All that is required of you is to water it during a severe drought. The flowering period is in June and July. Inflorescences are white, yellow or blue.


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2 Dodecatheon

The dodecatheon is also called dryakvennik, and it can rarely be found in a summer cottage. However, despite the exotic look, this is a completely unpretentious plant that perfectly complements the flowerbeds of the middle lane. Dryakvennik — a small delicate flower, reaching 50 cm in height. It starts flowering in early summer, from May to June. Inflorescences are small, up to three centimeters in length. Dodecatheon does well in sunny glades or slightly shaded areas.


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3 Zimolyubka

Zimolubka is a perennial plant that is often found in the wild nature of the northern regions. But it is quite possible to cultivate it in order to decorate a flower garden with it in the garden. Winter-loving rarely grows above 25 centimeters. Green glossy leaves remain attractive even in winter, and flowering occurs in summer, from June to August. The flower feels best next to conifers.


four Ixiolirion

Ixiolirion is also called the steppe lily. This is a perennial plant that reproduces by bulbs and perfectly tolerates wintering in the middle zone. The flower grows low, up to 30-35 centimeters. Flowering begins at the end of summer. Best of all, the plant feels in well-lit areas where there is no stagnation of moisture.


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5 Chionodoxa

Chionodoxa belongs to the primroses. These are plants that appear as soon as the snow cover disappears, at about the same time as snowdrops. The flower propagates by bulbs, usually grows up to 15 centimeters. Chionodoxa inflorescences are small and racemose. The plant tolerates frost well, but in the middle lane it can winter only under cover.


6 thermopsis

Thermopsis is another perennial that, for some reason, is rarely found in the flowerbeds of the middle lane. This flower does not require complex care and grows up to a meter in length. Thermopsis belongs to the legume family. Flowering begins in mid-summer, in June or early July. The plant feels good in sunny glades, as well as in partial shade. It is better not to plant it in those places where the soil is too wet and does not «breathe» well.


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7 Houstonia

Haustonia belongs to the category of perennial plants. This is a small flower up to 30 centimeters tall. Beautiful small buds during the flowering period literally shower the entire plant and make it incredibly weightless and light. And haustonia blooms all summer and until the frost. The flower feels great in a little shade. It is best to plant it in well-moistened areas and regularly spud — the plant needs good access to oxygen. It winters well in the middle lane, but subject to a large snow cover. If there is no snow in winter, then haustonia may die.


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