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The range of lawn mowers is wide, large and powerful. In order not to waste time searching and guessing “which is the best”, we have collected 10 top models that are recommended by users themselves on forums and website pages. No prejudice on our part! The word is up to the consumer!

Electric garden trimmer Bosch EasyGrassCut 26

The minimalistic electric scythe will get into narrow and uneven areas of the lawn. The swivel head gives you freedom of action, and semi-automatic line feed eliminates the constant adjustment of the desired length. Once you put the line in the puck — and you can fight with tall grass!

  Electric garden trimmer Bosch EasyGrassCut 26

Three pluses of Bosch EasyGrassCut 26.

  • Network Independence

When fully charged, the trimmer can work for 30-40 minutes.

  • High cutting speed

Up to 12500 rpm, the grass is cut in the blink of an eye.

  • Convenient management

Turns on by pressing the button on the handle. If you release the key, it will turn off. Such a mechanism protects against accidental start-up and from pampering by young children.

The downside is the cutting mechanism with fishing line. It wears out quickly and you have to buy new ones often. Knives can be used for several years in a row — the main thing is to sharpen them in time.

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Garden trimmer Ryobi RLT3525 350W 25cm

The most convenient trimmer will process three acres in less than 15-20 minutes. Fortunately, the engine (350 W) allows. Cutting width — universal (25 cm). The comfortable D-handle of the Ryobi RLT3525 makes work so easy that even a teenager can handle the lawn. This was made possible thanks to the anatomically adjusted shape of the handle. Hands do not hurt even after working out 5-7 acres.

Semi-automatic line feed simplifies the work to «turned on — mowed — turned off.» Permanent settings are a thing of the past. It is enough to insert the nylon thread once, pull its ends to the desired length and then you can mow until it runs out.

  Garden trimmer Ryobi RLT3525 350W 25cm

Two fat pluses of the trimmer.

1. EasyEdge function
Facilitates work with the edge of the lawn. The fishing line does not hit the fence and does not cut off other vegetation by mistake.
2. Metal rod
Does not weigh down the tool, is famous for its strength and durability.

The bad news is that Ryobi only works with line. In addition, some braid owners consider the bright light green color a minus. After each pass, you will have to clean the case with a damp cloth.

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Electric garden trimmer Bosch ART 35

The curved shape of the boom allows you to cut the grass perfectly on flat terrain. This will save time.

The most powerful 600 W engine will be able to work even more plots of 7-10 acres in less than half an hour. Typically, such engines are found in models twice or even three times more expensive than those of Bosch ART 35.

Electric garden trimmer Bosch ART 35

Three key features of the model.

1. Shoulder strap provided
To reduce stress on the hands.
2. Powerful 0.6KW motor
For fast work.
3. Cuts with thick line (2 mm)
«Takes» hardened stems and grass to the waist.

Users highlight a number of advantages of Bosch ART.

  • Quiet operation

At maximum speed, it gives out no more than 50 dB, which is comparable to a clearly audible speech.

  • The engine is at the top

Therefore, you can work with wet grass.

  • Demountable structure

Provides compact storage.

  • Fuse on the switch

Blocks the operation of the device, which will not please the young «helpers».

  • Robust stem and drop protection

Withstands even impacts on asphalt.

Minus specific — work from the network. You will have to look for an outlet or feed from the cigarette lighter. There are also significant vibrations. Users notice that if you work with this trimmer for more than half an hour, you get the feeling of working with a puncher in your hands.

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Cordless garden trimmer Karcher LTR 18-25 Battery, 18V

The ultra-light trimmer weighs only 1.6 kg. Despite its modest weight, it holds an 18 V battery. This is enough for an hour of work at low and medium speeds. Or 30 minutes of work at «maximum speed». True, for a full charge, you will have to keep the braid on the wire for 2-3 hours — this is the price of complete freedom of movement.

Loop and side handles are designed for a secure grip to take pressure off your arms and back. The Karcher LTR 18-25 trimmer is compatible with Karcher 2.5Ah and 5.0Ah batteries.

Cordless garden trimmer Karcher LTR 18-25 Battery, 18V

Advantages of the model.

1. Light weight
The trimmer is lighter than some laptops — only 1.6 kg.
2. The presence of a small display
Which displays the actual charge level.
3. Solid protective cover
Protects your device from damage.

Minus one, but solid — the batteries are not included, and they are more expensive than the trimmer itself.

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Makita UR100DWAE cordless garden trimmer

This trimmer does not need to adapt to the network and outlet. Its battery, with a capacity of 10.8 V and a capacity of 2 A / h, does not care about thick grass. Runs 35-40 minutes on a single charge. The Makita UR100DWAE D-handle provides a comfortable grip. The bar is height adjustable, so it can be adjusted to your height.

Makita UR100DWAE cordless garden trimmer

Advantages of the model.

  • Powerful battery

Even small branches are strong enough for this braid.

  • No memory effect

You can turn on / off the trimmer without waiting for a full discharge / charge.

  • High operating speed of 10,000 rpm

The trimmer will master bushes, branches and dense thickets.

  • overheat protection

Will not turn off in 35-degree heat, working at maximum speed.

The only downside to this model is the price. About the same cost budget lawn mowers. However, it is completely leveled by the longevity of the device — this is judging by user reviews.

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Garden trimmer Ryobi RLT4125 400W 25cm

The double D-handle allows you to hold the device with two hands at once, which will simplify use and increase maneuverability. The folding handle adapts to any height. The width of the Ryobi RLT4125 line is 1.5 mm. It will help to get rid of grass and twigs. Submission is automatic. And this means that the device is ready to work from the second you set the spool with fishing line.

Garden trimmer Ryobi RLT4125 400W 25cm

Cuts at 8,000 rpm. It stands out for a number of highlights.

1. Telescopic rod
Extends to fit the user.
2. EasyEdge function
Simplifies the working of the lawn edge due to the nozzle, thanks to which the fishing line will not touch everything that is outside the processing area.
3. Budget price
For its characteristics, it is incredibly profitable.

Alas, it was not without its shortcomings. But the good news is that there are only 2 of them:

  • The trimmer is mains powered

You have to depend on the extension cord.

  • The engine is at the bottom

It is best not to work with wet grass to avoid short circuits.

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Garden trimmer Ryobi ONE+ OLT1825M

The lawn mower can be connected to an 18 V battery that fits the One+ range. Bright appearance will not allow the device to get lost in the garage. The double handle, a Ryobi feature, helps you grip the machine and allows for a wide grip when mowing.

Also, this model has a separate trimming mode, which copes even with very narrow areas. Gently, closely mows near bushes and flowers. And all thanks to the phenomenal speed of the fishing line: up to 9500 rpm. Not every expensive model has such agility!

Garden trimmer Ryobi ONE+ OLT1825M

The Ryobi ONE+ OLT1825M features three alternatives.

  1. Possibility of trimming the edge.
  2. Telescopic rod.
  3. Fully compatible with other One+ devices.

The disadvantage is not the most powerful engine, and even in tandem with a 1.6 mm fishing line. The scythe copes with not neglected grass and thin bushes. To increase the «power» of the device, you should put an asterisk line. She’s sharper.

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Cordless garden trimmer Karcher LTR 36-33 Battery, 36V

A portable lawn mower cuts high thickets of weeds to zero. The manufacturer promises that the device can handle old meadow grass. It turns out a clear cut of the desired shape, because the user can adjust the length of the fishing line himself. Under the clean mows near the curb and fences.

Karcher LTR 36-33 Battery works from one charge up to 70 minutes — enough for haymaking for half a hectare. Weight — 2.7 kg. So both strong men and fragile girls can use it. A smooth adjustment of the speed of rotation of the cutting edge will ideally work through any greens and even small bushes.

  Cordless garden trimmer Karcher LTR 36-33 Battery, 36V

There are four advantages.

1. Soft double handle and shoulder strap
Lighten the load on the arms and back.
2. Folding brace
Puts a barrier in front of him, so as not to mow what is not needed.
3. Curved rod shape
For the best study of an even lawn.
4. Stepless stepless power control
Simplifies device setup for work.

The only downside is the high price. And then, the quality of Karcher equipment fully compensates for the costs. Trimmers from a German manufacturer serve for years without repair.

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Electric garden trimmer Makita UR3500

The ergonomic design of the Makita UR3500 is designed to fit the palm of your hand for a comfortable grip. Two anatomically adjusted D-shaped handles are extremely balanced, the weight of the trimmer is not felt.

The scythe is so «omnipotent» that it easily copes with the shoots of cherries, blackberries, raspberries. The engine is on top, which means you can work with wet grass without fear of a short circuit. The power of the device is 700 watts, it is given out by revolutions at speeds of 7200 rpm.

electric garden trimmer Makita UR3500

There is a hook and loop on the top where you can attach an extension cord. It won’t get in the way. The main handle is soft and combined. This is done so that the sweaty palm does not slip, the grip is reliable.


  • Telescopic tube length adjustment

Adapt to any user.

  • Quiet operation

Loudness in the range of 60-70 dB is comparable to loud speech.

  • Environmental friendliness

The device does not produce emissions (like lawn mowers) and does not pollute the environment with dead batteries.

Cons, alas, are also present. Users complain about 2 parameters.

1. Big weight
For many, the weight of 4.3 kg will seem tangible.
2. Mains powered
You will have to carry an extension cord or “ignite” from the cigarette lighter.

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Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-230 cordless garden trimmer

The Bosch lawn mower gives gardeners the freedom to move like a gas mower. It is also lighter and more compact. EasyGrassCut 18-230 is powered by an 18V battery. The device is optimal for small and medium-sized areas.

The cutting head of the trimmer makes a 180° turn, which will allow you to adjust to any angle and not hurt the plants being cut.

  Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-230 cordless garden trimmer

Four tokens of the model.

1. Easy edge work
It is enough to turn the handle to change the direction of work.
2. Semi-automatic line feed
No need to waste time on manual configuration.
3. Swivel head
For detailed study of bottlenecks.
4. Boom tilt adjustment
Under the user’s height.

The disadvantage is rather weak power for working with branches and tall coarse grass.

For well-groomed lawns, this is one of the best options in terms of price / quality ratio.

Trimmers in a comparative selection — one more beautiful than the other! In order not to bother you with reading the instructions for motokosa, he suggests that you familiarize yourself with the summary table of the described models:

Summing up, when choosing a braid, you need to consider 4 OK:

  1. power;
  2. opportunities: whether he can cut branches, and not just grass;
  3. type of work — from the network, through a battery or a gasoline engine;
  4. ease of care: whether to disassemble, lubricate with oil, clean the tank, etc.

Having decided on the necessary parameters, it will be possible to choose the perfect trimmer for the home. Let our TOP be useful to you!

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