What types of equipment should every gardener have?


A well-kept garden is pleasing to the eyes of every person. However, not everyone knows that behind a beautiful appearance lies the painstaking work of a gardener who regularly mows bushes and lawns, cares for flower beds, waters greens, and mulches grass. Fortunately, the modern market for household appliances can greatly facilitate this work with worthy examples of garden equipment, including a trimmer, lawn mower, brush cutter, etc. Let’s consider this category of equipment in more detail.


If there are a lot of trees, decorative stones, boulders and flower beds on the garden plot, then the trimmer will do an excellent job with grass and excess greenery. It is designed for cutting greenery in a narrow area, in places inaccessible to other equipment.

The trimmer works like a manual braid and can be of several types:

  • electric;

Electric trimmer

Petrol trimmer

  • rechargeable.

Cordless trimmer

This device is compact device for mowing grass in a small area. The most silent are cordless trimmers. Such a device will perfectly cope with the «jewelry» work in the country and in the garden. It consists of an elongated body, at one end of which the engine is fixed. On its opposite side there is a round head with a fishing line or a special knife. Due to the small size and lack of a cord, such a trimmer costs an order of magnitude more expensive than gasoline and electric ones.

The petrol trimmer has more power and improved performance (it can mow 1.5 meters of grass), while the electric version is more mobile and ergonomic (suitable for tasks such as cutting grass).

If the device is equipped with knives, then they can process any territory. The line cutting system is safer and more budget-friendly, but less powerful. This option is suitable for small areas with dense vegetation.

Trimmers are also divided according to the type of drive: a shaft with a gearbox or a cable. A more reliable option is a trimmer with a shaft. The cable usually fails quickly.

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Trimmer ECHO SRM-2305SI

lawn mower

The purpose of the lawn mower is to cut grass, lawn care. There are several types of mowers:

Petrol lawn mower

  • electrical;

electric lawn mower

  • on an air cushion;

Hovercraft Lawn Mower

  • accumulator.

Battery lawn mower

Choosing a lawn mower should be guided by for power. The more powerful the engine, the more efficient and faster the machine runs. Some models are equipped with a grass catcher, which collects excess debris. Gardeners will also like the model of lawn mowers with the function of mulching the grass, when the latter is evenly distributed over the lawn, crushed into crumbs. On a large plot, it is convenient to use a tractor-like machine.

Electric machines are considered the most environmentally friendly, but they are limited by the radius of the work, as they periodically require power.

Lawn mowers are also divided into:

  • self-propelled – There are both legs and wheels. When the motor is running, the legs and wheels are automatically set in motion.

Self propelled lawn mower

  • Non-self-propelled — only the legs are in motion. Therefore, the mower must be carried or pushed in front of you.

A wide range of lawn mowers makes it possible to choose any model to suit your taste, garden and wallet.

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Lawn mower Bosch ARM 37

brush cutter

An indispensable garden tool for creating/improving landscaping. With the help of such equipment, you can quickly cut an ornamental shrub and give it the desired shape.

The brush cutter will help with the formation of a hedge, is used when leveling its height and shape.

According to the technical characteristics, the brush cutters are divided into:

  • electrical;

Electric brush cutter

Gasoline hedge trimmer

Manual brush cutter

  • accumulator.

Cordless hedge trimmer

Gasoline hedge trimmers are used, as a rule, by professionals for large scale work. Machines of this type are quite large and have high power. Electric devices are much quieter than gasoline ones, are not as maneuverable and have less weight. A significant disadvantage is the range of use.

The cordless hedge trimmer can operate for only a few hours, so it is recommended for small areas. The power of such machines is much lower than that of gasoline. As for the manual hedge trimmer, it resembles ordinary garden shears, is inexpensive and does not require any service.

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Brush cutter BRIGADIER 82076

Gardening scissors

Garden shears are used to care for flower beds and cut small lawns. They can be of several types:

  • Mechanical scissors. The cutting part can be adjusted to the desired inclination. The handle can be metal, plastic or fiberglass reinforced. For floristry, garden shears made of steel are used. They are lighter and more fragile. The highest quality models are made of stainless steel. They are durable and strong, can handle heavy loads.

Mechanical scissors

  • Electric scissors. Used for mowing small lawns. Some manufacturers make them more mobile by providing batteries. By weight, they are quite light, they are convenient to work in the garden, giving the desired shape to the shrubs. The disadvantage of such models is that they cannot process a large area, since periodic charging of the batteries is required. Easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Electric scissors

With the proper ability to use garden shears, you can achieve good results in decorative pruning of bushes, greenery and hedges. You don’t even need a trimmer!

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A garden blower will help clear the area of ​​unnecessary debris, fallen leaves and small twigs. With such a device, you can clean the personal plot both in spring and in autumn. The tool can also be used for other purposes, such as blowing out a computer unit, cleaning a sofa from fine dust and crumbs.

According to the device of the blower motor, they are divided into two types:

  • Electrical. This model requires a power source, so it can work in a limited area. The weight of electric models is small, and the power is much less than that of gasoline devices.

Electric blower

  • Petrol. Used on an industrial scale and in large areas. They have a high noise level, which is an obstacle to the purchase of such a device for home use.

petrol blower

Blowers are available in several versions:

  • Machines equipped with wheels. The set includes various attachments that allow you to collect debris from a large area.

Blower on wheels

  • Backpack devices. The design is worn like a backpack and allows you to handle large areas. They are usually small in weight, but quite powerful.

backpack blower

  • Manual models. Comes with a small comfortable handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. The compact sizes allow to use the device in any territory.

When choosing tools for gardening, be guided by the territory of your site. Assess the level of complexity of the work being carried out, as well as the power and mobility of the purchased equipment.

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GARDENA AccuJet Cordless Blower


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