Mobile home — how to choose the right one and make it yourself?

Road travel is popular. For greater comfort of such tourists, they came up with a mobile home in which a large group can stay while saving on accommodation costs. In our country this is still a luxury, however, there are those who already use such means of transportation as temporary housing. What is a mobile […]

TV bracket — what is it, main types and their features

Before buying a new TV, many people think about the optimal location for its placement. If you don’t want to put a cabinet under your equipment, you can purchase a TV bracket, which is available in different configurations. There are several options with their own characteristics that are worth considering. What is a TV bracket? […]

Biofireplaces for an apartment — what kind of fuel is used, pros and cons, main types

An original element of the interior, decoration of a room, the opportunity to have a tamed fire in a metropolis — this is how owners speak about devices such as biofireplaces for an apartment. We invite you to find out what they are, how they affect the design of housing, and what advantages and disadvantages […]

Design stars: Bergère and Louis XV armchair

In The Age of Comfort, Joan Dejean tells the story of Louis XV's daughter Victoria. Contemplating her fate and not wanting to remain a nun like her younger sister, Victoria points to the bergere and exclaims: “I will never act like Louise, because I am too attached to the comforts of life. This chair will […]

In its place: A stool as a compact alternative to everything

When a house has to be furnished from scratch, this process can drag on for several years. You will build the concept of your interior with your own hands, and here it is important to calculate everything. There is no point in buying just anything; the budget has not yet been allocated for new things; […]

Good question: How not to create baroque in a panel house

You can get carried away with a variety of interior styles, from pompous Empire style to sterile minimalism. But they are all good exclusively in their element. Agree, you are heading to island Greece for the ruins of Zeus and to New York for the architectural monuments of Art Deco, and not the other way […]

With the world in mind: How to settle into a rented apartment

The Western approach to renting an apartment is fundamentally different from ours: in Europe and overseas people move into rented housing for decades, sometimes without even thinking about buying their own, while in Russia a rented apartment is usually perceived as a temporary transit point. Hence the difference in approaches to arrangement: we try to […]

Correcting mistakes: How to update a bedroom without renovation

A lot of advice doesn't work because it's bad. But because we do not fully understand them or interpret them incorrectly. Let's look at the main recommendations for updating a bedroom without renovating (and why they may not have worked before). Tikkurila RussiaSave photo Tip 1: Replace textilesThe advice is not exactly new. But this […]

Just a photo: 22 bedrooms with asymmetrical lamps

► We remind you: to see all shooting angles from the project or ask the designer a clarifying question, click on the photo you like iPozdnyakov StudioSave photo 1. Solo and group Project designer: Ivan Pozdnyakov, iPozdnyakov StudioPlace: Moscow, RussiaLight: pendant lamps Cage, Diesel with Foscarini Sergey Klochkov Interior WorksSave photo 2. Lamp and floor […]

Just a photo: 27 ideas so that the end does not disappear

► We remind you: to see all shooting angles from the project or ask the designer a clarifying question, click on the photo you like mo+ architektenSave photo 1. Hidden benchFrankfurt, Germany Project architects: Mo+ architektenWhat do you like: a pull-out bench hidden at the end of the kitchen island._____________________________ Mark Newman DesignSave photo 2. […]