Stairs to the cellar

Having a basement in your home means storing food supplies for the winter with maximum comfort. But without a ladder, getting into the cellar will be problematic. Therefore, its manufacture should be taken care of even at the time of construction of the house, because this building must meet safety requirements. A cellar staircase can […]

Voltage stabilizer — what it is, what it is used for, features of different types

Unstable operation of the power grid often leads to the failure of household and digital equipment. To protect sensitive devices from such fluctuations, it is worth purchasing a voltage stabilizer. The device may have different power and operating principles. What is a voltage stabilizer? In many houses and apartments, electrical wiring has not been changed […]

Motion sensor for turning on the light — what is it, why is it needed, main characteristics and types

Many household appliances have high demands not only on ease of use, but also on efficiency. Taking all this into account, to optimize the use of home and street lighting, you can install a motion sensor to turn on the light. What is a motion sensor? Initially, the motion sensor, or motion sensor in other […]

Bathroom sealant acrylic, silicone-acrylic, polyurethane — rating

Many construction plumbing jobs end with the joints between structures needing to be sealed to protect them and give them a finished look. For these purposes, bathroom sealant is used, which is available in several options. What is the best bathroom sealant? Manufacturers offer a wide range of adhesive mixtures of different compositions and colors. […]

Installing a toilet — dismantling the old product, preparation, necessary tools, installation rules

With the help of modern tools and consumables, installing a toilet is a feasible task for any owner of a city apartment. Before work, it is advisable to read the instructions so as not to make mistakes when assembling the drain mechanism or in the process of connecting the device to the water supply and […]

Mailbox — what designs there are and their features, tips for choosing the best mailbox

Even in the era of high-speed Internet, a standard mailbox remains an important thing in a private home. While postcards, letters, notices, magazines and newspapers continue to arrive, a storage facility for paper correspondence, securely protected from wind and precipitation and the hands of others, will come in handy. What types of mailboxes are there? […]

How to choose a bath?

A bath is an integral attribute of every apartment and every house. As a rule, the service life of a bathtub is about 15 years, so the question “Which bathtub is better to choose?” interests everyone who is planning a bathroom renovation. Modern plumbing stores offer a huge number of different bathtubs. And the price […]

Filling bath

A bathroom is a room where a person relaxes and washes off the hustle and bustle of the day. Everyone wanted their bathing area to sparkle with cleanliness and smoothness. However, unfortunately, almost all baths can lose their appearance. Over time, chips, cracks, rusty stains and stains appear on them that cannot be removed by […]

Power cable — what it is, structure, description of the main types, marking features

The design of the system through which energy is supplied is complex. One of its components is a power cable, which is a wire with one or more cores. It has a specific design and comes in different types, each of which has its own characteristics. What is a power cable? This is a structure […]

Roller shutters — what they are, the device where they are installed, the pros and cons of the design, existing types

In the 21st century, every modern resident strives not only to protect, but also to hide his property from prying eyes. A very popular and comfortable way to solve this problem has become a type of blinds — roller shutters. They are suitable not only for security, but also as an option for home decoration […]