Air purifier for apartments from dust, for allergy sufferers

Residents of modern megacities are increasingly feeling the harmful effects of a polluted environment. Harmful gases, allergens, viruses and bacteria enter our home from the street. Children, allergy sufferers, elderly people and people with respiratory diseases are very sensitive to deteriorating air conditions. Therefore, many city residents began to buy an air purifier for their […]

Laser machine — what is it, device and principle of operation, existing advantages and disadvantages, what products can be made?

For the most accurate and accurate cutting of metal, wood, glass and other materials, special equipment is used. The most modern and efficient unit is a laser machine. Such cutting is carried out mainly in industrial enterprises, but some models can also be used in a home workshop. What is a laser machine? A professional […]

Dry ice – why is it dangerous, where to get it, how to make it, use it and store it?

Ice in the concept of most people is water frozen at a temperature below 0°C. However, there is a substance that can also take this form, creating dry ice. What it is, what properties it has and where it is used is worth understanding. What is dry ice? We are talking about a well-known gas […]