Ceramic sinks — round, corner, built-in, square

Ceramic sinks are very popular and are suitable for installation in the kitchen and bathroom. They are presented in a wide range, so you can choose models of different shapes, colors, and they are installed in different ways. Types of ceramic sinks It is important to understand that ceramics refers to several materials that have […]

How to choose an acrylic bathtub?

The choice of an acrylic bathtub is still something special and difficult for many due to the fact that this material has not yet become widespread. This fact is explained primarily by the fact that the cost of such plumbing fixtures is relatively high, and therefore not everyone can afford an acrylic bathtub. However, the […]

Filling bath

A bathroom is a room where a person relaxes and washes off the hustle and bustle of the day. Everyone wanted their bathing area to sparkle with cleanliness and smoothness. However, unfortunately, almost all baths can lose their appearance. Over time, chips, cracks, rusty stains and stains appear on them that cannot be removed by […]

Pool filter – what is it, what is it for, description of different types, how to choose the right one?

Swimming in cool water in the summer heat or taking a dip after a hard day is an excellent relaxation for the body and nervous system. However, such leisure activities require some preparation. One of its important components is the pool filter. The device can be of different types, has subtleties of selection and use. […]

Liquid for a dry toilet — what is it, a description of the different types, which one to choose and how to make it yourself?

An autonomous bathroom needs chemical toilet liquid for normal operation. Booths with a chemical waste recycling system are actively used both in private households and in public places — at bus stops, train stations, markets, parks. However, to function, they require care and the use of special products. Liquid for composting toilets — what is […]

Main filters for water purification

It is very difficult to call the water that flows through our water pipes clean; it not only contains many harmful impurities (rust, sand, clay, salts, heavy metals), but also has an unpleasant smell and taste. Such water harms not only people’s health, but also damages household appliances that work with it — washing machines, […]

How to wash crystal to make it shine, how to properly care for it?

Beautiful crystal products look truly luxurious and rich. However, in order for them to retain their original appearance for as long as possible, it is important to initially care for them correctly. We invite you to find out how to wash crystal to make it shine and what the best crystal cleaning products are. How […]

Dishwashing detergent — which is the best and safest, characteristics, rating

There are different dishwashing detergents, when choosing which it is important to consider whether they meet the requirements or not. There are different options that differ in their properties, which should also be taken into account when purchasing. If you wish, you can make your own cleaning product. Composition of dishwashing detergent Not all manufacturers […]

How to choose a dishwashing detergent, selection tips and reviews

Detergents (detergents) – chemicals that are used for washing and cleaning dishes, household appliances, and cleaning premises. A high-quality detergent must meet the following requirements: foams well: the amount of foam depends on the efficiency of its use; be packaged in safe packaging so that a child cannot open it, spill it, or drink/swallow […]

Toilet paper — description, when it appeared, what it is made from, features of different types, how to choose?

It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without hygiene devices. The most popular of them is toilet paper. It is made from several types of raw materials and varies in color, thickness, appearance and ease of use. Toilet paper — description The hygiene product consists of sheets rolled into rolls or […]