How to quickly harvest sea buckthorn — when the harvest is ripe, rules for manual harvesting and cutting branches with berries

Anyone who likes to drink aromatic and healthy tea, the preparations for which are collected with their own hands, should know how to quickly collect sea buckthorn. After all, tall and prickly branches with berries that burst even at the slightest pressure cause difficulties. When should you collect sea buckthorn? To determine the right time, […]

Good question: How not to create baroque in a panel house

You can get carried away with a variety of interior styles, from pompous Empire style to sterile minimalism. But they are all good exclusively in their element. Agree, you are heading to island Greece for the ruins of Zeus and to New York for the architectural monuments of Art Deco, and not the other way […]

The ABC of taste: What good light can do in an apartment

Good light, high-quality floor coverings and a decent kitchen — these are the three pillars on which the interior rests. They should be the highest quality that you can afford within your budget. Everything else changes easily, naturally and can be anything: another sofa can be replaced by one, the wallpaper can be re-glued, the […]

On-board computer — what it is, what it is needed for, pros and cons, features of different types

Electronics have become an integral part of our lives; modern cars are equipped with mini PCs, which are called on-board computers. With its help, you can not only calculate the distance and speed of movement, but also find out about problems in the operation of the car. The main thing is to choose and install […]