Flower vases – features of products made from different materials, how to choose the right one?

Many people love flowers; they are given for various holidays and simply for no reason. The modern market offers for sale a variety of flower vases, differing in their shape, material and other parameters. Before purchasing, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the features of different options in order to choose the best […]

How to choose a shower cabin?

Among such diversity that the modern market is replete with, it is very difficult not to get confused. In fact, you can start from different sides, but the key points of choice have always been and will be: quality, functionality, price and appearance. Numerous options for steam and massage shower cabins, simple models, free-standing cabins […]

Moodboard — what it is, what it is used for, creation rules and examples

In the workplace and at home, creative individuals can increasingly find such a device as a mood board. You can create it for inspiration, clarity, or simply to decorate a room. There are certain rules that will help you realize your idea. Moodboard — what is it? The product is a conventional canvas that helps […]

Types of baths

After completing the renovation work and completing all the decorations, it is very pleasant to see your updated bathroom. But it happens that a bathtub that is very beautiful in appearance in practice does not live up to your expectations. Today the market offers us a huge selection of different types of bathtubs, so there […]

Wall-hung toilet

When renovating a bathroom, or simply deciding to replace outdated plumbing fixtures, many turn their attention to wall-hung toilet models. On the one hand, they are very attractive in appearance and fit perfectly into the interior of the toilet, but the question of their reliability is always in my head. What are the pros and […]

Corner toilet

Apartment renovations are a constant source of concern for owners. It is especially difficult for owners of standard small-sized apartments with tiny kitchenettes and bathrooms. After all, it is so difficult to plan these rooms in such a way as to compensate for the small area with excellent functionality. In this article we will talk […]

Filling bath

A bathroom is a room where a person relaxes and washes off the hustle and bustle of the day. Everyone wanted their bathing area to sparkle with cleanliness and smoothness. However, unfortunately, almost all baths can lose their appearance. Over time, chips, cracks, rusty stains and stains appear on them that cannot be removed by […]

Bathtub — cast iron or acrylic?

The range of goods in modern plumbing stores is now very large, and sometimes it immerses consumers in thought. Which bathtub is better to choose — acrylic or cast iron? This is very individual and depends solely on what your plumbing requirements are. We invite you to compare acrylic and cast iron bathtubs in order […]

Power cable — what it is, structure, description of the main types, marking features

The design of the system through which energy is supplied is complex. One of its components is a power cable, which is a wire with one or more cores. It has a specific design and comes in different types, each of which has its own characteristics. What is a power cable? This is a structure […]

Pool filter – what is it, what is it for, description of different types, how to choose the right one?

Swimming in cool water in the summer heat or taking a dip after a hard day is an excellent relaxation for the body and nervous system. However, such leisure activities require some preparation. One of its important components is the pool filter. The device can be of different types, has subtleties of selection and use. […]