How to choose a water meter?

Just a couple of decades ago, no one thought about how to choose apartment water meters. In Soviet times, there were few meter manufacturers, and the demand for them was small. The fact is that a rich country paid pennies for the use of public services, but there was no talk of installing meters. So […]

Cordless drill and screwdriver – what is it, device, main characteristics and functions

Previously, all construction tools were plugged into an outlet. With the increase in the power of produced batteries, a large layer of autonomous hand-held devices has appeared. A convenient option is a cordless drill/driver, which is available on the market in an assortment. What is a cordless drill/driver? This tool combines the properties of a […]

Laser machine — what is it, device and principle of operation, existing advantages and disadvantages, what products can be made?

For the most accurate and accurate cutting of metal, wood, glass and other materials, special equipment is used. The most modern and efficient unit is a laser machine. Such cutting is carried out mainly in industrial enterprises, but some models can also be used in a home workshop. What is a laser machine? A professional […]

Sheet bending machine — what is it, device and principle of operation, features of different types, how to choose the right one?

A sheet bending machine is an easy-to-use and common piece of equipment that is widely found in large enterprises or private workshops. Devices of this type make it possible to do without welding work at many stages; they are indispensable in the manufacture of canopies, trims, ebbs, panels and boxes. What is a sheet metal […]

Pneumatic impact wrench — what is it, how does it work and how it works, features of different types

For a modern mechanic, a compact pneumatic impact wrench is an indispensable and convenient tool when quick disassembly or fixation of threaded connections is required. There are many models of this device for repairing personal household mechanisms, use in construction, and mechanical engineering. What is a pneumatic impact wrench? The main purpose of this device […]

Manual tile cutter — description, device, principle of operation, features, how to choose the right one?

When carrying out tile laying work, it is advisable to use a hand-held cutting tool. With its help, you can quickly and efficiently make a cut without dust and noise. The tile cutter is used by professional builders and beginners who decide to do their own home renovations. It is advisable to use the tool […]

Electric winch — what is it, device, principle of operation, features of different types

A powerful electric winch is a reliable and easy-to-maintain equipment that is in demand in many industries. It is difficult to do without such a device in construction, in ports, on railways and in mines. Compact, maneuverable forklifts are excellent assistants in private garages and small workshops. What is an electric winch? Even during the […]

Tool box — features of popular types, options from different materials

Almost every home and car is sure to have a primitive set of the most important tools, such as a hammer, a screwdriver and a few keys. If the owner has accumulated a large number of necessary devices, then for optimal storage it is better to purchase a tool box. Types of tool boxes With […]

Roof rails — what they are, why they should be used, features of different types

Car owners can increase the volume of their luggage compartment, as well as transport large cargo, using roof rails. With their help, you can take a bicycle with you, for example, for a walk, and in winter, a snowboard and skis. What are roof rails? The word “railing” comes from the English language railing and […]

Circular hand saw — device, principle of operation, features of different types

To work with wooden, plastic and even metal workpieces at home, a circular hand saw is often used as a more productive analogue of the simplest sawing tool. It has several varieties and application nuances that are important to consider when working. Circular hand saw device When constructing and repairing both your own home and […]