How to choose a kitchen faucet

Kitchen chores take up a considerable amount of time. How productive and enjoyable the hours spent in the kitchen will be is determined by the quality of three things: the refrigerator, the stove and the water tap. Having figured out how to choose a faucet for the kitchen, you can not only reduce water consumption, […]

How to choose a dishwashing detergent, selection tips and reviews

Detergents (detergents) – chemicals that are used for washing and cleaning dishes, household appliances, and cleaning premises. A high-quality detergent must meet the following requirements: foams well: the amount of foam depends on the efficiency of its use; be packaged in safe packaging so that a child cannot open it, spill it, or drink/swallow […]

Filters for water purification — which one is better to choose for an apartment, rating

Modern water purification filters are designed to improve its quality. The choice of device depends on the type of system, purification levels and types of impurities that can be removed using a specific model — mechanical suspensions, metals, hardness salts, bacteria. Which water filter is best? Various water purification systems have been developed: filtration jugs; […]

Ideal Choice: Bathroom Faucet from Haiba | Yorsh

Content: Features of Haiba bathroom faucets Variety of Haiba bath faucets Reviews about Haiba faucets Bottom line Haiba is a leading Chinese manufacturer of faucets, which annually produces and supplies more than 4 million devices to Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The high quality of the company's products is confirmed by relevant […]

The light of my eyes: Unusual lamps that are pleasant to admire during the day

When choosing a lamp for an apartment, buyers usually think in terms of brightness and sufficiency of light. Everyone is worried about only one question: is a chandelier with five arms enough for a room of twenty square meters? The functional role of the lamp is, of course, important. But we must not forget about […]

How to choose a plate, selection tips and reviews

Kind Plate — tableware in which food is served on the table. I drank – a cup without handles, designed for serving drinks or food, as well as for storing food. A set of bowls can contain several cups (2-6 pieces) of different or the same size. Saucer — a small plate with raised edges. […]

the whole truth about kitchen faucets with flexible spout

Kitchen faucets with a flexible gooseneck are rapidly gaining popularity. This is due to the fact that the number of people who look not only at the design of plumbing fixtures, but also at functionality, has increased, because traditional rotary taps are very limited in this regard. It is especially inconvenient to use conventional products […]

Interiors for kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners: What’s the difference?

Our senses rest only at night: they work tirelessly all day, supplying information to our consciousness and subconscious. How to help them? The minimum program is to start listening to their signals. The maximum program is to fill your home with details that correspond to your type of sensory perception personally. Andrew Simpson Architects Save […]

Aromas in the interior: Unconscious impact on the subconscious

Aromas shape the mood, affect the sensations and well-being. And even unconsciously encourage us to certain actions. And if sellers in stores actively use this mechanism of influence on the psyche, then why not improve the atmosphere in their own home. There are many variations of aromas, and it is pointless to advise any one: […]

Why it didn’t occur to me: 28 bookmarked ideas

Melnikova SvetlanaSave photo 1. Shorten the corniceIt makes no sense to pay for curtains that you are not going to draw anyway. If there are roller ones, a shortened curtain on a microcornice is enough “for decoration”. designer: Svetlana Melnikovaphotographer: Ivan MelnikovWhere: St. Petersburg Other photos from this project in the portfolio of Svetlana Melnikova […]