How to choose an artificial Christmas tree or pine tree, selection tips and reviews

Artificial spruce/pine – a structure that imitates natural wood. Such spruce/pine, unlike living ones, does not leave debris, does not require water, is less likely to cause allergies and is reusable. Although the cost of the product is higher than its natural counterpart, it pays for itself in several years. It is important that artificial […]

How to choose a toilet brush, selection tips and reviews

Kind Ershik – a brush made of hard artificial fibers, attached to the handle. Designed for cleaning the toilet, but can also play a decorative role. The brush is supplied with a flask, and many models are additionally supplied with various accessories. The disadvantage of this design is that if the bristles wear […]

Color: What goes with dark walls?

Dark walls of deep blue or anthracite look elegant and unusual, but not everyone decides to take such a bold step — After all, it can be quite difficult to think through interior design with dark walls. Here are a dozen decorative ideas that should help you. CM Natural DesignsSave photo Natural woodThe texture and […]

How to choose curtains, curtains, selection tips and reviews

Blind — a window curtain that protects the room from external influences, and also plays a decorative role. Curtains can be pulled up or pulled apart. They come in two types: curtain – a thick and heavy curtain, often lined. Prevents light from entering, and also hides the interior from prying eyes, provides heat and […]

Corner sinks for the bathroom — design, what material is the best sink?

To make good use of all the space in the room, corner bathroom sinks were invented that do not take up much space. There are models that perfectly combine compact size and original design, for the manufacture of which a variety of materials are used, which have a number of their own characteristics. Corner bathroom […]

How to choose bed linen, selection tips and reviews

Fabric structure Natural Cotton – a relatively inexpensive, pleasant to the touch, easy-to-care material. It does not accumulate static electricity, absorbs moisture well and allows air to pass through, but shrinks when washed. Cotton fabrics, depending on the technology of weaving the threads, exist in several types (chintz, calico, sateen, biomatin, ranfors). Bed […]

Freedom of creativity: We create an art interior

Art interior is not really about art, but rather about creativity. In childhood, we all collected something: some stamps, some herbarium, some impressions. It’s time to talk about collections — about those that are created not for the sake of fashion, but at the behest of the heart and soul. About items that are dear […]

Not without delay: Rods and metal mesh in interior design

Using utilitarian materials to create designer pieces of furniture and unexpected art objects is a characteristic feature of modern design. That is why materials, at first glance, not intended for home decoration, often turn out to be on the wave of popularity. Today we will talk about metal wire: its hidden potential turned out to […]

Good question: How to choose a poster for a finished interior?

Personally, I prefer vintage advertising or a movie poster out of all the plots of posters — but this is a matter of taste. In fact, you need to hang posters on the walls of your apartment, paintings that delight your eye. If you like this or that plot of the poster, feel free to […]

Kips Bay Decorator Show House: What colors and patterns are in fashion

The exposition of Kips Bay Decorator Show House differs from the usual European understanding of the «furniture exhibition». It lasts almost a month, and instead of the usual review of the achievements of individual furniture factories, it presents fully furnished spaces from 22 respected decorators. For their interior solutions, a white-stone mansion in Manhattan was […]