Bicycle wall mount – features of vertical and horizontal design, how to choose the right one?

Storing a bicycle in the off-season without a special place sometimes causes problems. An excellent solution is to purchase a bicycle mount on the wall. Before purchasing, it is better to get acquainted with the options offered on the market and their features. Bicycle mounting methods You can place two-wheeled vehicles on the territory of […]

Wall-mounted key holder – features of products made from different materials, how to choose the right one?

Order in the house has its advantages: things are at hand and almost never get lost. The same cannot be said about keys; these small but very important attributes of our lives have a hard time — they are either lost or thrown into the most inappropriate places. A wall-mounted key holder will help solve […]

Home “shadow theater”: Learning to work with decorative light

The walls in the apartment are like canvases, which often serve as the basis for subsequent creativity. Humanity has accumulated many ways to decorate them — paintings, frescoes, wallpaper, decorative plaster, placing paintings, posters. In our search for new ways to decorate the interior and original decorative items, we forget about one spectacular and rather […]

With the world in mind: How to settle into a rented apartment

The Western approach to renting an apartment is fundamentally different from ours: in Europe and overseas people move into rented housing for decades, sometimes without even thinking about buying their own, while in Russia a rented apartment is usually perceived as a temporary transit point. Hence the difference in approaches to arrangement: we try to […]

Just a photo: 27 ideas so that the end does not disappear

► We remind you: to see all shooting angles from the project or ask the designer a clarifying question, click on the photo you like mo+ architektenSave photo 1. Hidden benchFrankfurt, Germany Project architects: Mo+ architektenWhat do you like: a pull-out bench hidden at the end of the kitchen island._____________________________ Mark Newman DesignSave photo 2. […]

Ergonomics: How to hang lamps correctly

At what height should I hang a chandelier? At what distance from the floor should the bottom point of the chandelier be? Which distance should there be between the chandelier and the floor? How to find the correct wiring outlet point? The answers are not as simple as they might seem. It all depends on […]

Question: How to determine what size rug you need

You can easily decide whether you like the carpet or not in the store. There you will also understand whether the carpet you like fits into your budget. But there are a number of points that it would be good to find out for yourself in advance, before going to the store. IN-DECOSave photo Should […]

Loft Living: How to Create a Dining Space Here

Loft — this is a huge, and sometimes not very, space for imagination, not limited by walls and low ceilings. In the very layout of such studio spaces there is rarely anything superfluous, and the presence of several zones with different functions — credit goes to the owner or designer. What should the dining area […]

Good question: How to choose a poster for a finished interior?

Personally, I prefer vintage advertising or a movie poster out of all the plots of posters — but this is a matter of taste. In fact, you need to hang posters on the walls of your apartment, paintings that delight your eye. If you like this or that plot of the poster, feel free to […]

Architectural lighting: Does the interior need

Light — the most powerful tool of perception — affects a person at the level of the psyche. And competent architectural lighting transforms any project. And work with light should be based not only on knowledge of standards, but also on understanding human psychology and the architecture of space. Plus, it is important that the […]