Mobile home — how to choose the right one and make it yourself?

Road travel is popular. For greater comfort of such tourists, they came up with a mobile home in which a large group can stay while saving on accommodation costs. In our country this is still a luxury, however, there are those who already use such means of transportation as temporary housing. What is a mobile […]

Wooden toys — history of appearance, benefits, varieties for children and adults

Original wooden toys are safe and beautiful; they perfectly help children develop and explore the world around them. The range of crafts made from wood is huge; depending on the age of the child, you can find a simple rattle, a toy car or a complex construction set. History of wooden toys Wood is the […]

Flower vases – features of products made from different materials, how to choose the right one?

Many people love flowers; they are given for various holidays and simply for no reason. The modern market offers for sale a variety of flower vases, differing in their shape, material and other parameters. Before purchasing, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the features of different options in order to choose the best […]

Barbecue with a roof — features of different types, how to choose the right one and make it yourself?

A massive barbecue with a roof differs significantly in manufacturing cost from inexpensive and compact portable models, but it has a lot of advantages. Having a reliable roof over your head allows you to shelter from bad weather and comfortably prepare barbecue or other delicious dishes at any time of the year. Types of barbecues […]

How to survive the discount lull without a hit to your wallet?

Avid shopaholics know that major purchases should be made between Black Friday (November) and Chinese New Year (January-February). Does this mean that during the discount lull you should limit shopping or abandon it completely? The answer is no! For economical shopping, you just need to arm yourself with our tips. Shopping on weekends and holidays […]

Good question: How not to create baroque in a panel house

You can get carried away with a variety of interior styles, from pompous Empire style to sterile minimalism. But they are all good exclusively in their element. Agree, you are heading to island Greece for the ruins of Zeus and to New York for the architectural monuments of Art Deco, and not the other way […]

Dry ice – why is it dangerous, where to get it, how to make it, use it and store it?

Ice in the concept of most people is water frozen at a temperature below 0°C. However, there is a substance that can also take this form, creating dry ice. What it is, what properties it has and where it is used is worth understanding. What is dry ice? We are talking about a well-known gas […]

16 unexpected things you never thought of decorating your fireplace with

There has long been a stereotype in interior design: you need to hang something above the fireplace. Raising our eyes from him, we instinctively look for a TV upstairs, the antlers of the inevitable deer, or, in extreme cases, a picture in an elaborate frame. And what else? Various options are possible! Interior design studio […]

The light of my eyes: Unusual lamps that are pleasant to admire during the day

When choosing a lamp for an apartment, buyers usually think in terms of brightness and sufficiency of light. Everyone is worried about only one question: is a chandelier with five arms enough for a room of twenty square meters? The functional role of the lamp is, of course, important. But we must not forget about […]