Kitchen sink, design — which one is better to choose, types

An important element is the kitchen sink, the choice of which should be approached as responsibly as possible. These plumbing fixtures are presented by different manufacturers in a wide range. It is important to think through all the details in advance so that the purchase is justified. Types of kitchen sinks The stores offer a […]

Why do you need a hanging and floor bidet, how to choose and how to use?

Although it is the 21st century, many people are not particularly well educated on the question of why they need a bidet. For some reason, it is assumed that even a small child knows about the purpose of this item. There are even owners who buy a bidet not for use, but only to realize […]

Waterfall faucet with cascade spout for bathroom, kitchen with lighting

A waterfall faucet will help you bring a unique and individual design to your room. This is a new trend in plumbing, allowing you to create a unique interior due to flowing water, extraordinary design and lighting. It produces falling streams of jets playing in the light, which look very bright and original Waterfall faucet […]

Wall-hung toilet

When renovating a bathroom, or simply deciding to replace outdated plumbing fixtures, many turn their attention to wall-hung toilet models. On the one hand, they are very attractive in appearance and fit perfectly into the interior of the toilet, but the question of their reliability is always in my head. What are the pros and […]

Toilet with bidet function

Hygiene procedures are an integral part of the life of any person. The development of civilization has allowed people to make many areas of life easier, including those related to self-care. One of the inventions that helps perform hygiene procedures is the bidet. Despite the obvious convenience and benefits, the prevalence of bidets is not […]

An aquarium filter – why is it needed, features of different types, which option is better to choose?

Aquarium fish are among the most defenseless creatures in the world. Their well-being depends entirely on the person and the ability to care for them. It is very important not only to regularly change, but also to purify the water. A properly selected aquarium filter will make maintenance much easier. Why do you need an […]

Touch dispenser for liquid soap

It is unnecessary to say that washing hands with soap is an important hygiene procedure. But how sometimes these stains of dried soap on the sink and bathtub make housewives nervous! This is where a modern household appliance comes to the rescue — a touch dispenser for liquid soap, which many housewives have long considered […]

Hygienic shower in the toilet

Hygiene after visiting the toilet is a pressing issue for the vast majority. If there are more than 2 people living in the apartment, and there is a separate bathroom, then, most likely, going to the shower after using the toilet will not be entirely comfortable. A solution to this problem can be a bidet […]

How to choose a mixer — which ones are now considered the best?

The question of how to choose a faucet is faced by any person who has a pipeline with hot and cold water in the kitchen or bathroom. Cast iron taps with rubber valves are a thing of the past; to correctly select modern plumbing fixtures, you need to have basic information about the design features […]

Artificial stone sink, how to choose

A sink made of artificial stone is a stylish and practical solution. In a short period of time, this type has occupied a worthy niche in the building materials market and in the list of consumer favorites. Along with the magnificent appearance, the product has a number of undeniable advantages. Artificial stone sink — pros […]