Air purifier for apartments from dust, for allergy sufferers

Residents of modern megacities are increasingly feeling the harmful effects of a polluted environment. Harmful gases, allergens, viruses and bacteria enter our home from the street. Children, allergy sufferers, elderly people and people with respiratory diseases are very sensitive to deteriorating air conditions. Therefore, many city residents began to buy an air purifier for their […]

Shower mixer — device, how to choose, rating of the best models, how to install and disassemble?

Choosing the right shower mixer is one of the most important tasks when decorating bathrooms. Without this functional and reliable device, it is impossible to properly establish a water supply. The best examples of modern plumbing fixtures are able to provide a constant set temperature, despite changing flow parameters. Shower faucet device This extremely necessary […]

Marker board — what is it, existing sizes, selection tips and popular models

In the current realities, the marker board has become an integral part of information, demonstration and advertising life. It is an excellent assistant in the activities of almost every enterprise, organization, educational institution that keeps up with the times. What is a marker board? A modern office wall marker board is a white rectangle with […]

Water heated towel rail for bathroom

During renovations, we carefully select the color of finishing tiles and plumbing fixtures. At the very last moment, it’s time to select a water heated towel rail for the bathroom. At first glance, it is completely simple and does not require much time. But in reality it turns out that there are a lot of […]

Touch dispenser for liquid soap

It is unnecessary to say that washing hands with soap is an important hygiene procedure. But how sometimes these stains of dried soap on the sink and bathtub make housewives nervous! This is where a modern household appliance comes to the rescue — a touch dispenser for liquid soap, which many housewives have long considered […]

Touch faucet

How great it is when every device in the house “understands” what a person wants at the moment! In a “smart home”, the split system, fan, and lights turn on and off when necessary and without human intervention. Such convenient and practical devices include a touch-sensitive faucet for the bathroom, sink or washbasin, which can […]

Wall-mounted key holder – features of products made from different materials, how to choose the right one?

Order in the house has its advantages: things are at hand and almost never get lost. The same cannot be said about keys; these small but very important attributes of our lives have a hard time — they are either lost or thrown into the most inappropriate places. A wall-mounted key holder will help solve […]

Toilets with shelf

Choosing a toilet, like any other household appliance, without being particularly knowledgeable about this issue is quite difficult. Toilets can be wall-hung or floor-mounted; they differ in the form of release and type of flush, the material from which they are made and many other characteristics. Therefore, when purchasing plumbing equipment, it is important to […]

Acoustic system — what is it, device, what is it for, characteristics, pros and cons

To listen to music and watch movies with high-quality sound, you need special equipment. The acoustic system can be different in design, type and purpose. There is a wide range of models on the market with their own characteristics. What is a speaker system? It’s worth saying right away that an acoustic system is not […]