Air purifier for apartments from dust, for allergy sufferers

Residents of modern megacities are increasingly feeling the harmful effects of a polluted environment. Harmful gases, allergens, viruses and bacteria enter our home from the street. Children, allergy sufferers, elderly people and people with respiratory diseases are very sensitive to deteriorating air conditions. Therefore, many city residents began to buy an air purifier for their […]

Marker board — what is it, existing sizes, selection tips and popular models

In the current realities, the marker board has become an integral part of information, demonstration and advertising life. It is an excellent assistant in the activities of almost every enterprise, organization, educational institution that keeps up with the times. What is a marker board? A modern office wall marker board is a white rectangle with […]

Where can I sell my old computer?

Over time, any equipment tends to become unusable, and computers, in addition, are also subject to obsolescence. The more often you update your home and office computer equipment, the more efficiently it will work. But at the same time, it’s always a pity to throw away an old car that has served its purpose. Therefore, […]