Ceiling clothes dryer — a modern functional solution

A ceiling-mounted clothes dryer is an ideal solution for storing wet clothes not only in an apartment, but also in private homes during bad weather. It is easy to install, takes up minimal space, and, importantly, does not desecrate the appearance of the room, unlike improvised clotheslines. The main thing is to choose the right […]

Sewing curtains: What comes first — style or textiles

“Update your interior textiles more often and create a new mood in your home,” “update your curtains for winter or summer,” we read in interior publications. Easy to say! Is it really that easy to do? ChDecorationSave photo What comes first — style or materialThe most important thing is to understand how well all the […]

Correcting mistakes: How to update a bedroom without renovation

A lot of advice doesn't work because it's bad. But because we do not fully understand them or interpret them incorrectly. Let's look at the main recommendations for updating a bedroom without renovating (and why they may not have worked before). Tikkurila RussiaSave photo Tip 1: Replace textilesThe advice is not exactly new. But this […]

2020: Local trends from around the world

Organic NowSave photo Europe: interior veganismThis trend can hardly be called growing — it literally “captured” Europe in the past year. Besides the obvious fur and leather, the Danes and Spaniards eschew wool, silk and beeswax, for example. Everything that had to be “obtained with suffering” (taken away from living beings) should not appear in […]

Stainless steel sink for kitchen

The kitchen sink is one of the most important and necessary elements. These devices may vary in their shape, volume, installation method and the material from which they are made. The most common and popular model is the stainless steel sink. Stainless steel kitchen sink Housewives who use such a kitchen sink note its many […]

How to choose an ironing board, selection tips and reviews

Type Floor board – does not require additional support, but has relatively large dimensions and weight. There are two types of floor boards: stationary — takes up a lot of space and is suitable for large apartments or houses where you can allocate a special room for laundry; folding — when folded, it takes […]

Color: What goes with dark walls?

Dark walls of deep blue or anthracite look elegant and unusual, but not everyone decides to take such a bold step — After all, it can be quite difficult to think through interior design with dark walls. Here are a dozen decorative ideas that should help you. CM Natural DesignsSave photo Natural woodThe texture and […]

How to choose curtains, curtains, selection tips and reviews

Blind — a window curtain that protects the room from external influences, and also plays a decorative role. Curtains can be pulled up or pulled apart. They come in two types: curtain – a thick and heavy curtain, often lined. Prevents light from entering, and also hides the interior from prying eyes, provides heat and […]

How to choose bed linen, selection tips and reviews

Fabric structure Natural Cotton – a relatively inexpensive, pleasant to the touch, easy-to-care material. It does not accumulate static electricity, absorbs moisture well and allows air to pass through, but shrinks when washed. Cotton fabrics, depending on the technology of weaving the threads, exist in several types (chintz, calico, sateen, biomatin, ranfors). Bed […]

Kips Bay Decorator Show House: What colors and patterns are in fashion

The exposition of Kips Bay Decorator Show House differs from the usual European understanding of the «furniture exhibition». It lasts almost a month, and instead of the usual review of the achievements of individual furniture factories, it presents fully furnished spaces from 22 respected decorators. For their interior solutions, a white-stone mansion in Manhattan was […]