Installing a toilet — dismantling the old product, preparation, necessary tools, installation rules

With the help of modern tools and consumables, installing a toilet is a feasible task for any owner of a city apartment. Before work, it is advisable to read the instructions so as not to make mistakes when assembling the drain mechanism or in the process of connecting the device to the water supply and […]

Interiors for kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners: What’s the difference?

Our senses rest only at night: they work tirelessly all day, supplying information to our consciousness and subconscious. How to help them? The minimum program is to start listening to their signals. The maximum program is to fill your home with details that correspond to your type of sensory perception personally. Andrew Simpson Architects Save […]

Good question: What is the right way to paint a wall white?

In magazines and blogs, white walls are presented as a panacea for all interior troubles. Do you want to visually enlarge the space or make the room brighter? Paint the walls white! Need a versatile backdrop for experimenting with furniture and decor? Do not want to overload the space with shades? You know what to […]

Best wallpapers

Wallpaper is still the most popular and sought-after type of decoration for living rooms. What’s new offer us well-known manufacturers? The best wallpaper for the living room The living room is the most versatile room to choose from. Wallpapers of both calm tones and bright patterns are suitable here. Now it is fashionable to combine […]