Barbecue with a roof — features of different types, how to choose the right one and make it yourself?

A massive barbecue with a roof differs significantly in manufacturing cost from inexpensive and compact portable models, but it has a lot of advantages. Having a reliable roof over your head allows you to shelter from bad weather and comfortably prepare barbecue or other delicious dishes at any time of the year. Types of barbecues […]

Just a photo: 27 ideas so that the end does not disappear

► We remind you: to see all shooting angles from the project or ask the designer a clarifying question, click on the photo you like mo+ architektenSave photo 1. Hidden benchFrankfurt, Germany Project architects: Mo+ architektenWhat do you like: a pull-out bench hidden at the end of the kitchen island._____________________________ Mark Newman DesignSave photo 2. […]

Computer mouse — what it is, what it consists of, history, what it is needed for, main types

The advent of computers has made a real revolution in all branches of human activity. They not only take pride of place on our desks, but also brighten up our leisure time. Since the computer mouse has long become an extension of our right hand, let's take a closer look at this simple device. What […]