Laser machine — what is it, device and principle of operation, existing advantages and disadvantages, what products can be made?

For the most accurate and accurate cutting of metal, wood, glass and other materials, special equipment is used. The most modern and efficient unit is a laser machine. Such cutting is carried out mainly in industrial enterprises, but some models can also be used in a home workshop. What is a laser machine? A professional […]

Sheet bending machine — what is it, device and principle of operation, features of different types, how to choose the right one?

A sheet bending machine is an easy-to-use and common piece of equipment that is widely found in large enterprises or private workshops. Devices of this type make it possible to do without welding work at many stages; they are indispensable in the manufacture of canopies, trims, ebbs, panels and boxes. What is a sheet metal […]

Pool filter – what is it, what is it for, description of different types, how to choose the right one?

Swimming in cool water in the summer heat or taking a dip after a hard day is an excellent relaxation for the body and nervous system. However, such leisure activities require some preparation. One of its important components is the pool filter. The device can be of different types, has subtleties of selection and use. […]

Rechargeable batteries — what are they, what are the symbols, how can they be distinguished from regular ones?

Single galvanic cells, called batteries, are widely used in everyday life to obtain the necessary voltage, but as soon as the energy in them runs out, they fail. Rechargeable batteries are reusable and have a long service life. What are rechargeable batteries? The first prototype of a battery that could be charged repeatedly was a […]

Manual milling machine — what is it, device, principle of operation, what is it for, main types

Any area of ​​industry requires the use of certain equipment and tools. In carpentry, a manual milling machine is widely used — a machine that allows you to process wood and perform work of any level of complexity and configuration. What is a hand router? We are talking about a tool that performs mechanical processing […]

PVA wire — how to choose, markings, colors, installation rules

No residential premises or industrial production can be imagined without cables connecting electrical household devices to a power source. PVA wire is widely used for these and other purposes. It has a lot of advantages and can be operated with a wide variation in AC voltage. What is PVS wire? This abbreviation “PVS” stands for […]

Acoustic system — what is it, device, what is it for, characteristics, pros and cons

To listen to music and watch movies with high-quality sound, you need special equipment. The acoustic system can be different in design, type and purpose. There is a wide range of models on the market with their own characteristics. What is a speaker system? It’s worth saying right away that an acoustic system is not […]

File – markings, how to choose, use, clean and sharpen?

The evolution of tools has led to the fact that hand-held instruments have been replaced by electric ones. Some assistants have not changed their appearance over many years of use; such a tool can be considered a file, with which you can perform various operations. What is a file? There are many types of files. […]

Sewing curtains: What comes first — style or textiles

“Update your interior textiles more often and create a new mood in your home,” “update your curtains for winter or summer,” we read in interior publications. Easy to say! Is it really that easy to do? ChDecorationSave photo What comes first — style or materialThe most important thing is to understand how well all the […]

Explain: Why is there a mirror here?

Twelve designers — the authors of the projects in the photo — explained at our request what is critically important to know if you plan to repeat the trick with a mirror from this selection.________________________________ Important: To get additional information about the project, see all the shooting angles, or ask the architect a clarifying question, […]