Air purifier for apartments from dust, for allergy sufferers

Residents of modern megacities are increasingly feeling the harmful effects of a polluted environment. Harmful gases, allergens, viruses and bacteria enter our home from the street. Children, allergy sufferers, elderly people and people with respiratory diseases are very sensitive to deteriorating air conditions. Therefore, many city residents began to buy an air purifier for their […]

Kitchen sink, design — which one is better to choose, types

An important element is the kitchen sink, the choice of which should be approached as responsibly as possible. These plumbing fixtures are presented by different manufacturers in a wide range. It is important to think through all the details in advance so that the purchase is justified. Types of kitchen sinks The stores offer a […]

Voltage stabilizer — what it is, what it is used for, features of different types

Unstable operation of the power grid often leads to the failure of household and digital equipment. To protect sensitive devices from such fluctuations, it is worth purchasing a voltage stabilizer. The device may have different power and operating principles. What is a voltage stabilizer? In many houses and apartments, electrical wiring has not been changed […]

Motion sensor for turning on the light — what is it, why is it needed, main characteristics and types

Many household appliances have high demands not only on ease of use, but also on efficiency. Taking all this into account, to optimize the use of home and street lighting, you can install a motion sensor to turn on the light. What is a motion sensor? Initially, the motion sensor, or motion sensor in other […]

How to choose a toilet?

There is such a thing as a toilet in every home. The main requirements for toilets: convenience, durability, neat appearance, design that fits perfectly into the interior of the bathroom. Residents of small apartments know very well how important it is to choose a good toilet according to the above parameters, so that it takes […]

Brushcutter — how to choose the right one, rating of the best models

There are many tools available for gardening, including lawn mowers, trimmers and hedge trimmers. They are suitable for dealing with tall grass and small bushes. Difficulties arise with clearing thickets, tall bushes, and pruning large numbers of trees. You can't do this without professional tools. What is a hedge trimmer? This name hides garden tools […]

Vacuum bags – what are they, pros and cons, features of clothing and food products

For the convenience of storing out-of-season items, bedding and food, it is convenient to use vacuum bags when traveling and moving. The invention significantly saves space and protects the contents from adverse factors. What are vacuum bags? In developed countries, vacuum storage has been used for more than half a century. Many housewives appreciate the […]

Hydromassage boxes

Hydromassage boxes are the ideal solution for a modern bathroom, as it combines the compactness of a shower cabin and a variety of functions, the main one being hydromassage, as the name suggests. This miracle of plumbing thought is intended not only for everyday washing, but also for complete relaxation. Today, the choice of hydrobox […]

Bathtub — cast iron or acrylic?

The range of goods in modern plumbing stores is now very large, and sometimes it immerses consumers in thought. Which bathtub is better to choose — acrylic or cast iron? This is very individual and depends solely on what your plumbing requirements are. We invite you to compare acrylic and cast iron bathtubs in order […]

Electric winch — what is it, device, principle of operation, features of different types

A powerful electric winch is a reliable and easy-to-maintain equipment that is in demand in many industries. It is difficult to do without such a device in construction, in ports, on railways and in mines. Compact, maneuverable forklifts are excellent assistants in private garages and small workshops. What is an electric winch? Even during the […]