Intimate area trimmer

Those girls who are accustomed to observing certain rules of hygiene in the intimate area are very pleased with the birth of a trimmer for intimate depilation, thanks to which they now do not have to visit beauty salons and undergo painful hair removal procedures. Benefits of a trimmer for the intimate area Unlike wax […]

Why do you need a hanging and floor bidet, how to choose and how to use?

Although it is the 21st century, many people are not particularly well educated on the question of why they need a bidet. For some reason, it is assumed that even a small child knows about the purpose of this item. There are even owners who buy a bidet not for use, but only to realize […]

Waterfall faucet with cascade spout for bathroom, kitchen with lighting

A waterfall faucet will help you bring a unique and individual design to your room. This is a new trend in plumbing, allowing you to create a unique interior due to flowing water, extraordinary design and lighting. It produces falling streams of jets playing in the light, which look very bright and original Waterfall faucet […]

Bathroom sealant acrylic, silicone-acrylic, polyurethane — rating

Many construction plumbing jobs end with the joints between structures needing to be sealed to protect them and give them a finished look. For these purposes, bathroom sealant is used, which is available in several options. What is the best bathroom sealant? Manufacturers offer a wide range of adhesive mixtures of different compositions and colors. […]

Installing a toilet — dismantling the old product, preparation, necessary tools, installation rules

With the help of modern tools and consumables, installing a toilet is a feasible task for any owner of a city apartment. Before work, it is advisable to read the instructions so as not to make mistakes when assembling the drain mechanism or in the process of connecting the device to the water supply and […]

Shower mixer — device, how to choose, rating of the best models, how to install and disassemble?

Choosing the right shower mixer is one of the most important tasks when decorating bathrooms. Without this functional and reliable device, it is impossible to properly establish a water supply. The best examples of modern plumbing fixtures are able to provide a constant set temperature, despite changing flow parameters. Shower faucet device This extremely necessary […]

Basin mixer — device, single lever, two valve, touch and thermostatic

This plumbing device is found in every home, regardless of the income level and personal preferences of the residents. In addition to its main task — to regulate the water pressure and its temperature, the sink faucet also plays an important decorative function. It is presented in an assortment on the market. Installation of sink […]

Sink siphon — what is it made of, how to choose, assemble, clean and change?

Part of the apartment's plumbing system is a siphon for the sink. Knowing its structure is especially important, since accidents involving this element are not uncommon, and it is often necessary to urgently take measures to eliminate the breakdown in order to prevent damage to property. What is a sink siphon? The simplest siphon for […]

Sitz bath

If your bathroom is small, a sitz bath can be a real lifesaver, especially if you have health problems that require frequent water procedures. Of course, in many cases it is more rational to install a shower stall with a high tray, which will not take up much space and at the same time has […]

How to choose a shower cabin?

Among such diversity that the modern market is replete with, it is very difficult not to get confused. In fact, you can start from different sides, but the key points of choice have always been and will be: quality, functionality, price and appearance. Numerous options for steam and massage shower cabins, simple models, free-standing cabins […]