Sheet bending machine — what is it, device and principle of operation, features of different types, how to choose the right one?

A sheet bending machine is an easy-to-use and common piece of equipment that is widely found in large enterprises or private workshops. Devices of this type make it possible to do without welding work at many stages; they are indispensable in the manufacture of canopies, trims, ebbs, panels and boxes. What is a sheet metal […]

Roof rails — what they are, why they should be used, features of different types

Car owners can increase the volume of their luggage compartment, as well as transport large cargo, using roof rails. With their help, you can take a bicycle with you, for example, for a walk, and in winter, a snowboard and skis. What are roof rails? The word “railing” comes from the English language railing and […]

How to choose an acrylic bathtub — types, sizes, advantages

The question of how to choose an acrylic bathtub arises as soon as the home renovation is nearing completion and it comes to installing plumbing fixtures. The decision to purchase a traditional cast iron or steel product in modern conditions is being made less and less often. Now buyers are choosing more modern materials, which […]

Wall-hung toilet — which one is better to choose, how to install?

An extraordinary wall-hung toilet appeared recently — at the end of the last century. It is fixed directly into the wall on a special bracket and looks neat and compact. Such original sanitary ware is small in size and helps to create a modern, fashionable design in a bathroom or toilet room. Wall-hung toilet — […]

Dry ice – why is it dangerous, where to get it, how to make it, use it and store it?

Ice in the concept of most people is water frozen at a temperature below 0°C. However, there is a substance that can also take this form, creating dry ice. What it is, what properties it has and where it is used is worth understanding. What is dry ice? We are talking about a well-known gas […]

Trace around: An unexpected way to update the surfaces of your home

Editor's note: this is archival material — first published in 2015, updated in 2019 An effective way to shake up your interior without breaking the bank is to frame the room. We are talking about decorative contours. The frame will emphasize the architecture of the space, add graphic quality to the interior and make it […]

How to choose an artificial Christmas tree or pine tree, selection tips and reviews

Artificial spruce/pine – a structure that imitates natural wood. Such spruce/pine, unlike living ones, does not leave debris, does not require water, is less likely to cause allergies and is reusable. Although the cost of the product is higher than its natural counterpart, it pays for itself in several years. It is important that artificial […]

16 unexpected things you never thought of decorating your fireplace with

There has long been a stereotype in interior design: you need to hang something above the fireplace. Raising our eyes from him, we instinctively look for a TV upstairs, the antlers of the inevitable deer, or, in extreme cases, a picture in an elaborate frame. And what else? Various options are possible! Interior design studio […]

The light of my eyes: Unusual lamps that are pleasant to admire during the day

When choosing a lamp for an apartment, buyers usually think in terms of brightness and sufficiency of light. Everyone is worried about only one question: is a chandelier with five arms enough for a room of twenty square meters? The functional role of the lamp is, of course, important. But we must not forget about […]

What You Really Need to Know About Backlighting — Ideas for Home

At its core, accent lighting plays the role of a theatrical spotlight: you need the audience to pay attention to the stage — send a bright beam of light there, if you want to move your eyes into the hall — shine the spotlight in the right direction. In a residential interior, of course, the […]