Brushcutter — how to choose the right one, rating of the best models

There are many tools available for gardening, including lawn mowers, trimmers and hedge trimmers. They are suitable for dealing with tall grass and small bushes. Difficulties arise with clearing thickets, tall bushes, and pruning large numbers of trees. You can't do this without professional tools. What is a hedge trimmer? This name hides garden tools […]

Phone tripod – what is it, what does it look like, why is it used, features of different types

Smartphones are often used for mobile photography. In some cases, it is difficult to obtain high-quality images without firmly fixing the camera. A phone tripod expands the functionality of the device, allowing you to secure it in the desired position. What is a phone tripod? The smartphone stand came into everyday life from the photo […]

Cordless drill and screwdriver – what is it, device, main characteristics and functions

Previously, all construction tools were plugged into an outlet. With the increase in the power of produced batteries, a large layer of autonomous hand-held devices has appeared. A convenient option is a cordless drill/driver, which is available on the market in an assortment. What is a cordless drill/driver? This tool combines the properties of a […]

Manual tile cutter — description, device, principle of operation, features, how to choose the right one?

When carrying out tile laying work, it is advisable to use a hand-held cutting tool. With its help, you can quickly and efficiently make a cut without dust and noise. The tile cutter is used by professional builders and beginners who decide to do their own home renovations. It is advisable to use the tool […]

External hard drive — what it is, device, what to use, advantages and disadvantages

“He who owns information rules the world.” This is the main rule of modern life. There are many different devices and programs for storing a huge variety of electronic information. Recently, an external hard drive has become popular, which everyone can choose based on their personal needs. What is an external hard drive? The device […]

Power cable — what it is, structure, description of the main types, marking features

The design of the system through which energy is supplied is complex. One of its components is a power cable, which is a wire with one or more cores. It has a specific design and comes in different types, each of which has its own characteristics. What is a power cable? This is a structure […]

Roller shutters — what they are, the device where they are installed, the pros and cons of the design, existing types

In the 21st century, every modern resident strives not only to protect, but also to hide his property from prying eyes. A very popular and comfortable way to solve this problem has become a type of blinds — roller shutters. They are suitable not only for security, but also as an option for home decoration […]

Electric winch — what is it, device, principle of operation, features of different types

A powerful electric winch is a reliable and easy-to-maintain equipment that is in demand in many industries. It is difficult to do without such a device in construction, in ports, on railways and in mines. Compact, maneuverable forklifts are excellent assistants in private garages and small workshops. What is an electric winch? Even during the […]

Massage pillow — what is it, the device, how is it useful, existing contraindications, main types

A modern massage pillow is an excellent solution for the treatment of certain diseases. It has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, muscles of the neck, back, and shoulders. The benefits of massage have been known for a long time. Not everyone can afford to devote the time and funds to undergo such procedures. A […]

Electric bicycle — what is it, device, operating principle, pros and cons, main types

Fans of two-wheeled transport are delighted with the invention, which is gradually taking root in Russia and other CIS countries. A convenient and practical electric bike can be used in any conditions. It is perfect for walking around the city, driving long distances, traveling over rough terrain. What is an electric bike? This two-wheeled vehicle […]